Monday, April 27, 2009

One Big Happy Family!

So my brother and his wife and toddler are all moved in! It was quite the weekend with them moving in, my sister stayed for two nights because she was in between apartments, and doing a photo shoot. Every room in our house was filled! We had a good time playing games and watching a movie. I finally saw the Emma movie and loved it! She went through WAY more than I thought. She's a strong woman.Not much else going on, besides the usual...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tryin' to Keep Up!

I'm having a hard time keeping up with so much stuff going on! This list way suits me better, right now I guess.
1. I had a scrapbook weekend last week (well, Thursday & Friday) with my aunts and friends in Tooele. I'm really getting caught up!
2. I did a shoot for my BFF, Nicole. She had a baby a week ago (a boy! I'm jealous!) and we sure had fun taking his pictures! (PLEASE go to my Photo Blog and check out all the shoots I've done recently and comment! It needs some love. I know I'm shameless.)3. More shoots last Saturday and we moved stuff around the house brother and his wife and 18-month-old are coming to live with us! Crazy!! we had to empty out closets in the basement bedrooms and fix a few things so they have a comfy place to stay. We're all really excited about it. They're paying us a little, which really helps us out right now. And we'll have a babysitter around! It's gonna be great!
4. Along with the moving around of stuff, we put the girls in a room together. So they get to share! The first few nights were great...but now they stay up way too late telling each other to be quiet so they can sleep! Oh boy!
5. With this warm weather, the girls have been playing with friends outside all week! It's pretty crazy how many kids live here. I've also gone out and gotten some weeding done. Shawn went out with me last night to do more when the Young Men and Young Women came by doing a Service Scavenger Hunt. Yea! They did more weeding for us!
6. Another Dr.'s appointment. We took both girls because Brinley really wanted to hear the heartbeat. She's over it not being a boy and is excited to have another sister. We all are getting more excited and happy she's a girl. I do know how girls work and I love them!
It seems like every time I go to a Dr.'s appointment they schedule me for something else. I have to go back and get another ultrasound cuz they couldn't see the baby's heart very well. I've also had to get my blood drawn again because they didn't test everything they needed to test. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't have to drive so far. Ugh!
7. I went to my very first Bunco night! Our neighborhood gets together once a month to play and they needed a sub. So I got to go! I did pretty good too! We had a nice dinner and we all won gifts from Hawaii since the lady hosting it just got back from there. I got a necklace and chocolates (and don't you just want to eat this necklace too? Or maybe that's the pregnancy talkin'.) Can't beat that!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Can't Believe It!! It's a....

Yup! We were pretty unprepared for that...we were certain it was going to be a boy. Things were just a little different this pregnancy or I was just making it up. I was up some of the night worring about it, which I've NEVER done before! Maybe it was a premonition. When the technician said it was a girl, Cambree said, "I like girls" and Brinley said, "Oh no! I wanted it to be a boy!" Later, she started crying. Sad! Shawn said he caught a glimpse of the "part" even before she pointed it out, so he was kind of prepared.To help make Brinley (& me) feel better, we picked out an outfit for the baby. (I figured it needed to be a warmer outfit since I'm due in Sept.) I still kind of gravitated towards the boy clothes, which I've never done before. {Sigh} The girls liked the mannequins most of the time, but still had the final say on the outfit we got.And to make Shawn (& me) feel better we went out to the Pizza Factory for dinner. Cambree loved eating the breadtwists like a shishkabob (or something!).It looks like she's saying, "This means WAR!" I don't know what Shawn's doin'. LOL(Here's the reassuring myself part) I'm getting to be more ok with it. At least she's healthy and that's what really matters. The last few weeks people have been saying things like they just knew they were going to have a boy/girl and then it wasn't. And we even picked out a girl name that we both just LOVE! (I know everyone is curious about the name we like so I'll just tell you that, for now, we really like Sadie. So that's what it probably will be. But things can change.) So that has helped the situation. We don't have to buy anything! The bedroom situation works out better. So the idea's growing on me. I'm just so thankful for ultrasounds!! I wouldn't want to have to get used to the idea after the baby was born! I'm sure we'll be good and ready when she comes!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hippety-Hop! Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter this year!
Saturday, we went to the city Easter Egg Hunt. This was the first time we've ever done an Easter Hunt on such a big scale. Usually it's just family. We thought there wouldn't be a huge turnout because it was raining off and on, but we were sure wrong!! Tons and tons of people were there! Shawn dropped me off with the girls cuz we were late and he had to find a place to park and we didn't want to miss the beginning of the hunt! We didn't find each other again until after the hunt was over. Cambree was in the little ones' hunt (where they aren't hidden and the kids just have at it) and Brinley was in another group. So I was running back and forth getting pictures and making sure I knew where both my kids were. A little scary with so many people!!
Then, we got pics with the Easter Bunny...only Brinley did (What's up with her smile???). Cambree said, "I love the Easter Bunny!" and then decided she was too scared to go near him. It was short and sweet and we had a great time.Sunday was great! I just love Easter Sunday. Church is always so great! (If you haven't already, check out the Church's Easter Message from Elder Holland's Conference Talk here.) The girls wore their Easter dresses...I didn't buy matching ones this year. Cambree just wore Brinley's old one. I did get Brinley one, but made the mistake and let her pick it out. It was my last pick, but whatever. They did pose cute for the picture.We made them wait until after church to find their Easter baskets. Cambree got Princess Polly Pockets and played for 4 hours straight with them. Needless to say, we had a nice nap. :)For dinner, we went to Shawn's parents' house with 2 of his brother's families. The kids had yet ANOTHER Easter Egg hunt (that makes 3 this year!). They're really getting good at finding eggs! Here's all the cousins with their loot!Aunt Jody brought some confetti eggs. She surprised Brinley by cracking one on her head...Brinley did the same to Cambree. We're still finding confetti in their hair!

*And we find out tomorrow what we're having (hopefully it's not hiding)! It's not until the afternoon so don't be checkin' all day! But I will post something tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goings On...

Lots has been going on lately...I'll just quickly do a run-down:
1. About 2 weeks ago, (has it really been that long?!!) I hosted the Finer Things Book Club. I made yummy parfaits, punch, frozen fruit salad (again) and peanut butter chocolate rice krispies. I appreciated the ladies coming all the way out to my house. It sure was fun!2. Photo shoots galore!! I'm editing like crazy! So be sure to check out my photo blog for the latest and greatest! I am getting pretty booked, so if you're thinking about having me do a shoot, be sure and schedule it soon!3. My sister and her kids (her hubby came later) came from St. Louis!! They stayed 2 nights here. Shawn and I babysat one night so she could go to a reunion. Our kids just played and played. It was really great!4. General Conference-we headed to my parents house to watch conference with 6 little grandkids interrupting all the time. I also had 2 photo shoots that day too. Needless to say, I'm glad we DVRed it so I can now watch it again and really gain a lot from it. So far, I've enjoyed Elder Hales' talk the best.
5. We also did an Easter Egg Hunt and dyed eggs while we were there. They had a lot of fun!6. Since my family was all together, my mom wanted a picture with all of us. It turned out pretty darn good for just being on a timer!!7. I felt the baby move for the first time! I'm really surprised because my other two I hardly ever felt them...EVER! So I was pretty happy. We find out next Tuesday what we're having!
8. Ladies Night Out, Guys Night Out, and another Book Club...I always love a good excuse to get out (and Shawn got to get out one night too!)
9. Haircuts! We all got them! From my BFF who is due any day! So nice of her to do ALL our hair right before she has her baby! We also hung out with them and had pizza. Nice...10. Shawn's Birthday!! The big 31!! We celebrated it at my parent's house, but ran out of ingredients to make his cake. He was I made it on Monday (his real birthday). We're going out on Friday to really celebrate. We never really care if the celebration is on the actual birthday...just as long as there's a celebration!11. And tomorrow my mom, a friend, and aunts are all coming over to scrapbook. Yea! A much-needed break!!