Sunday, March 29, 2009


(Sorry...her undies or bum-crack is always showing!)
So Brinley called her Grandma Hancock today and they were chatting for awhile. I said to Shawn that I wonder who would get off the phone first since they're both talkers. Brinley ended up finally saying that her mom and dad needed her...and then got off the phone but didn't help us at all! What a little liar! ;) Anyway, while she was talking to Grandma they talked about dance and how Shawn used to do tap dancing when he was a kid (yeah, did you know that?!! He still knows how to shuffle-off-the-buffalo!). So when Brinley got off the phone she was acting all embarrassed and said that Grandma told her that all the girls in his dance class thought he was handsome. I asked her if she thought that Daddy was still handsome and she said no. We asked her lots of questions and she kept saying the funniest stuff. Like how Daddy had more hair but that it got peeled off. In the end, she did whisper to me to tell Daddy (she was so funny acting so embarrassed) that she thought he was handsome and funny. It was just so cute.
I'm having a hard time explaining it...maybe you had to be there.
Other than that, she's having so much fun school and in dance class. In school, they write and draw a picture in their journals everyday. It's cute to see how she writes out words. Her piano is going great too. She now knows more than me...which that's not hard to do, but I'm still impressed!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last weekend was great! Friday after school got out, I took the girls with me to Tooele. I got to scrapbook all weekend with my friend, Donell, and her sisters!! Brinley got to play with her friend, Rachel, and my mom wanted to hang with Cambree all weekend and Shawn got to stay home by himself and work on the car, taxes, etc. Perfect! I got lots done and lots of fun! We had great food too! Brinley also had her first sleepover. She didn't get to bed until about midnight and was kinda touchy the next day. But at least she slept! :)I found out yesterday that Katie's, a long-time friend, brother died of cancer. (I also took her family pictures a week ago and have them up on my photo blog.) He was so young and left behind 3 kids. My heart goes out to them and their family. We've known them ever since we lived in Moab, which was where I was born until I was 8. Things like this help me realize how fragile life is.
(Here's a pic from Katie's Family Shoot)Along those same lines, I get to go to the Doctor today to check-in with the little life inside me. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again and have Cambree come and hear it too (Brinley has dance class). Hopefully it will make it more real to her, thanks to some of your suggestions.
*As we were going into the Dr.'s office, there was a guy with earrings loading a truck. Cambree said really loud, "Look at that guy. He has earrings!" We just smiled at the guy and he was smiling too. But then she said a little more quietly (thankfully) "He looks funny." We didn't look back to check if he heard that.
*Then, when I was getting my blood drawn she was sitting right next to me. The girl drawing the blood had really short hair so I was just waiting for Cambree to say something about that. And she did. She kept looking at her and finally said pretty quietly (although it was quiet already), "That boy has short hair." I don't know if she heard or not. Oh the joys!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Photography Website!!!

So, my brother (what a great brother!) and I have been working long and hard on my Photography website. And after months and months of designing and coding, it's ready!!! (pretty much) Go check it out and tell me what you think! Tell me if you like the music on the galleries or if you would like to have it muted and then you can un-mute when you go to the gallery if you want to hear it (we don't know how to do it the other way around :) Or it can just play the whole time. Also, do your browsers freeze or aren't able to pull up the galleries? My mom's did, but her computer is WAY slow! Thanks all!!

A GREAT Trip to Wal-mart!!

I know!! Unheard of! Not at our new Wal-mart! It opened just yesterday. I thought I'd go today since it wouldn't be as crowded. I was right! Hardly busy at all and VERY nice! Not your average Wal-mart with ceiling high shelves...things were nicely on display. Only about 6 registers were open and I walked right up to one. I was in the aisles by myself! Cambree stayed by me the whole time and didn't run in to anyone. I told the checkout girl that I had the best time shopping becuase it wasn't crowded at all. She said yesterday was like that too except for all the high school kids coming to check out the store but didn't buy anything. She said they made less in a day than Lindon does on any given day. Oh well! Our city fought Wal-mart for 5 or so years...they really wanted to be here!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Those Leprechauns...

...turned my bread green!! I love to add a little bit of green to whatever I'm making for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. The girls think it's a leprechaun. It's just too fun! We also had corned beef (Shawn's favorite...I'm good to have it MAYBE twice a year), cabbage, potatoes, green pears (I know! Not ripe!) and green grapes. The Leprechauns also turned our drinks green!
Besides that, it was such a nice day. A lady in my ward brought me a Shamrock plant (or something). So festive! Shawn got to come home early from work because of a Dentist appointment. The day was SO nice we were outside for most of it. Then, we went to the Temple to finish the night off. I love days like that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cousins Weekend

My sister-in-law, Sarah, came up from Vegas with her 4 kids to spend last weekend and go to the Draper Temple Open House. She hadn't seen our new house yet, so she came over on Saturday...and all the other cousins around here came too. So it was a houseful of kids! (Why did I even bother cleaning it?!!) The older girls dressed up the younger girls and had a fashion show. Cambree was all about it...Brinley was a little more shy.
Sunday, after church, we all went over to Barbara's for dinner and more time for the kids to play and the adults to visit. It was a great weekend and fun to relax. I'm glad the girls have such fun with their cousins.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's ALL about Cambree!

So last weekend was all about my little Cambree. She's been doing just great with potty-training (finally!) with only have a few accidents a week. I think that's great! So, she got to the end of her chart and got not only a Barbie movie, but also a big-girl bed! (I know! You all probably thought she was already in one cuz she escaped her crib a few months ago, but she forgot how to get out, so she was still in a crib! I know! We're pretty lucky!) She was really excited to get a big bed! I even bought Sleeping Beauty sheets at Sears since they were closing their store. Unfortunately there wasn't a matching comforter...I still don't know what to do about that. She doesn't want it to cover her sheets. Anyway, so far so good! She doesn't come out of her room! It takes a little longer for her to go to sleep, but we hardly have to go in anymore to put her back down. And she doesn't take the bed apart like Brinley did! Much better transition!
She's also has quite the imagination. She plays with anything (spoons and forks) and makes up stories. She's a way better player than Brinely was. It's so cute to hear her play and talk to her ponies and Polly Pockets. I always heard about other kids playing like that but Brinley just didn't...she was more in to crafts.The other thing she's doing that I don't really like is that she doesn't like boys/men and tells them to their face. Especially if they have beards, red hair, long hair, etc...anything different than what she thinks they should look like and she says, "I don't like them." So we're working on that with reading books about being different! She also doesn't like babies or toddlers because they take things from her. Oh boy! I think we're having a baby at the right time, cuz she needs to get over this!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Good News is...

...I found out I have daffodils in my garden in our new house!!
The bad news is it snowed on them! I hope they don't die! I couldn't believe the BLIZZARD we had yesterday! BLAH!! I'm SO done with SNOW and COLD!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kinda Random...

I went to Enrichment Night last night and Shawn put the girls to bed. Today Brinley has been singing this song all day! It's all in Portuguese so I have no idea what she's saying (hopefully there's nothing bad in it!), so that's kinda annoying...but it is catchy. Especially with the tongue clicks! She's always been obsessed with different languages. What a great way to fuel that fire by playing a Portuguese song over and over. Now she wants it on her iPod...hopefully I don't get sick of it too soon! As far as Cambree goes, she says (with her cute lisp) "Play that thsong...ith's a great thsong."

And, I've finished editing the photo shoot I did last weekend! I actually finished on Wednesday night but my aunts all came over to scrapbook yesterday so I was BUSY scrappin'!
Check out my blog for more pics from the shoot.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Shower

{No one was there to take our pic, so this is on a timer...nice.}
Nope! Not my Baby Shower but my best friend's. She's due in April with a boy and she has 2 girls (yet another reason we've got our fingers crossed for a boy!). I've never done a shower all by myself (Shawn did help a lot!), so it was a lot of work but I got to plan and figure out everything I wanted to do! Food was great! I did pinwheels (I've always wanted to do those), a frozen fruit salad, lemon water slush, and spinach dip w/veggie tray. Yumm! I decorated with onesies on a clothesline...which has been done but is a great idea.Nicole wanted some games...I wanted to do some that haven't been done before. The celebrity baby name game was a hit. I did a game about what you know about Nicole when she was a kid. The funnest one was an advice game. You write down a problem and then pass your paper...she then writes advice to the unseen problem. So it makes for some pretty fun advice! Like, "What would you do if your baby had a blowout at church?" Advice: "Ask the nurses for help." Wouldn't that be sweet!
Nicole got some great stuff for a baby boy which made me even more excited for a boy. {Sigh} I sure hope we have a boy!
For a party favor, I made a diaper out of a napkin and stuffed it full of Hershey Kisses. The tag said, "Thank You for Doing Your "Dootie". Pretty clever, eh?
(I was also messing with a lens I borrowed from a friend...I still need to work on getting stuff in focus.)BEFORE the shower, I did a family photo I'll be posting those later. I was tired after the shower... but then my brother called wanting to surprise his wife with a night-out. I was really just wanting to relax but decided to go out to dinner...I guess that's relaxing since I don't have to fix dinner. It was really fun and I'm glad I did! But what a crazy day! I hardly saw Shawn and the kids all day! He cleaned the house in the morning (while I was at my shoot) and then took the kids to his mom's house during the shower. And then he still let me go out for a few hours that night! He's the best!