Friday, January 30, 2009


So yesterday I had my mom, a friend, and my aunts all over to scrapbook ALL DAY!!! They came EARLY and left in the evening. I made Taco soup for lunch (easy) and got lots of pages done! It's been a LONG time since I've gotten to scrapbook. It was so fun!

And to let you in on a little FREE action, check this out!! They're so cute!!

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Here's mine:
*Update: Well, I went to go do one for Cambree today (2/2) and the offer is over!! I'm bummed!! I hope you got one!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


As of last week we have a schedule!! I love schedules and we've been in need of one! It came on quite suddenly...but I guess after the holidays people kick it into gear and get stuff going again. So, our schedule consists of:
-Piano lessons for Brinley by my sister who goes to BYU!! We're excited about this and she's a great pianist...I just can't believe I didn't think of it sooner...and I didn't even think of it, Shawn did! Brinley even likes to practice! I hope it lasts!
-I go to Brinley's school once a week to help out while Cambree plays at a friend's house.
-Cambree goes to playgroup with 5 other little 3 year old girls...we take turns hosting it.
-Activity Days start every other week.
-I got my VTing assignments and went last week and was taught.
-I'm in a carpool!!! That REALLY saves me with Brinley being in Kindergarten!!! Whew!
-DANCE!!! I've REALLY wanted my girls in this dance studio right in my neighborhood (it's pretty much in my backyard!) but I didn't know if our budget could take it...well...she offered to trade for Photography!!! I'm SOO excited!! My girls get lessons in exchange for several photo shoots! Her studio is REALLY great too! Their shows are themed like Wizard of Oz, Sleeping Beauty, etc. so they're really entertaining to watch. We actually went to the winter concert and I was blown away! So I'm excited to have my girls in dance and we can just walk over there too!
So in honor of our schedule and dance class here are some pictures from their first day of dance! (I guess I think dance pictures need to be in Black and White) Brinley practices her skips and leaps all day everyday! It's so fun seeing her so excited! They both are in dance classes that all their friends are in so that makes it even more fun!!

Before Dance Class and at Dance Class.

Ballet the shoe pictures! I was glad my sister-in-law gave us her daughter's old ones...they're a little big but they work!

Getting Ready!
Before Dance Class...I just love her little smile! So she cut a big hole in her brand-new pink tights!! So she got to wear her old, black ones! Too bad!

The shoes in my kitchen this I texturized the photo so you really don't know how dirt it is!! I love her little, chubby feet! They look so cut in tights!
In heaven at dance class!!

*Sidenote: Today was a sad day. Brinley was supposed to give a talk in Primary. She had it all memorized and everything. Last night, she woke up probably 10 times to throw-up (one in her bed!)! Poor girl!! She was sad. Maybe next time!
I've also been wanted to report how Cambree's been adjusting to Sunbeams. Her first time, she roamed the halls wanting to go to Nursery. I had to come and sit with her part of the time. After that, she's been great, even with Brinley not in there today! She even got to go up and help in Primary! Whew! I thought she was going to be stubborn at that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Weekend

Man! I'm getting bad at blogging!! We're just still staying so busy! Anyway, I wanted to post about our weekend. It was a good one.
We made plans to go to Tooele to see friends and family. Mandy, my sister, decided she wanted to come too since most of her roommates were going to be gone for the long weekend anyway. So I picked Shawn up from work and we headed out. We had dinner plans with our friends, the Healds, to go to the Thai House. LOVE that place!! My parents and sisters ended up coming along too. We're all friends...but the Healds joked that now it seemed like they were crashing a family party. So the Thai House was awesome! Then, Cambree went back to my parents' house to go to bed and we let Brinley stay up late with Rachel while we played games. It's been a while since we've played games with them so we wanted it to be a late night! We ended up only playing Carcassonne...but played it twice. We called it a night at midnight...I had a shoot in the morning.

I did a newborn...or 2 month old! I love doing these! They're just so pure and precious! She was a little challenging cuz she's not a newborn...she wouldn't stay asleep or curled I was there for a while, but we got some cute ones and Tabitha had some great ideas! Check more out on my photography blog!Then, we had to hurry home to babysit my cute nephew, Justus, while they went to the temple (we're going to be doing some babysitting exchanges!) and I had another shoot scheduled. This time it was a Senior! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do Seniors! They'll do whatever I ask them to and they stay put!! So it was so fun! (Check my photog blog later...I'm still editing those!)
After that, my brother and his wife came back from the temple, they wanted to make us spaghetti! I'm not complaining! So we had a nice dinner together...then, they went home and Shawn and I got to relax and watch a movie, Oceans 13...I can't believe we hadn't seen it yet! It was good!
Sunday, Shawn got to teach Elder's Quorum. That's his new calling. He's super excited! He'll be great! Oh! My calling is Activity Days Leader. I've been in that calling before but for only 3 months so I'm excited! I'm with the 9 year olds. They have 3 9 year old groups!! CRAZY how big this ward is!!!
Monday, Shawn had the day off...he did some stuff around the house and I edited photos...not much!
Sorry this is boring but that's my life!! Uhh...It's too quiet...Cambree must be into something!!
**YES!! She was into something! My make-up!! Then, she broke my beaded necklace from Venice (yeah, I cried)!! Then, she put shampoo in her hair!! So I thought the terrible 2's were over? Apparently NOT!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Outing

I was excited to meet up with Jenn (even if it was short) to take our kids to the Church Museum yesterday. It's been a busy week with more editing from my lastest photography shoot...CHECK IT OUT HERE! Shawn's been sick this week so it was really nice to get out of the house...hopefully we don't get sick! Anyway, I always forget what a cool place that museum is! And it's FREE!! They have a great play area for the kids that they changes often. The girls just loved it! We'll have to go more often.Brinely was loving to pretend to speak at the pulpit in the pretend Tabernacle.

They played with a big puzzle with pictures of different stories in the scriptures.
This was a magnet to take the cars to church. And Cambree's in one of the many dressups they had there! She's an Angel. I wish! ;)
They got to color on thin paper to make a "stainglass window". See how still Maddy sits for the picture? My kids just don't! You'd think they'd know better too!
Brinley insisted I take this picture of her "holding Baby Jesus". Now, she's an Angel. Oh, and Jenn reminded me that Cambree fell into the manger scene just as she and Maddy were leaving. I should've taken a picture but I wanted to make sure she was ok first...and she was! Just a little traumatized with sheep falling on her!

Monday, January 12, 2009


So a friend just emailed me this FHE packet! It has 125 pages worth of FHE Lessons for every Monday of the entire year!! I'm so stoked!! No thinking at all involved! This first one is the one we're doing tonight!! I wish I knew how to upload the whole thing so you could download it, but I don't. So leave me a comment if you want it and I'll email it to you! Also, leave me your email address if you don't think I have it. I was thinking about making a New Year's Resolution for doing better FHE's and now I will!

Lesson 1: I Am a Child of God

Opening Song: “I Am a Child of God” (CS, page 2)

Opening Prayer Family Business: Scripture or Testimony: Psalms 82:6

Lesson: Vicki F. Matsumori, “Sharing Time: I Am a Child of God,” Friend, Mar 2003, 18
All of you are children of the most High (Ps. 82:6). Name some of your favorite Primary songs. Why did you choose those particular songs? You probably enjoy them because they have a good melody or an important message.
One song that is a favorite for Primary children throughout the world is “I Am a Child of God.” It was written for a Primary conference in 1957 by Sister Naomi W. Randall and Sister Mildred T. Pettit. Sister Randall prayed for help in writing the message. She awoke in the middle of the night with the words of the song in mind. She mailed the words, or lyrics, to Sister Pettit, who lived in California. Sister Pettit put the words to music.
A few years later, President Spencer W. Kimball, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, suggested changing “Teach me all that I must know” to “Teach me all that I must do.” He said that “to know isn’t enough. … We have to do something.” (Friend, Oct. 1984, 14.)
In Primary, you learn some important truths when you sing this song. You learn that you really are a child of God. You learn that Heavenly Father has sent you to a home with parents to help you. And, especially, you learn that when you do what is right, you can one day return to live with Heavenly Father.

Activity: Display pictures of some of the children in your family. Tell how each child is different—and special. Testify of each child’s divine nature. Make copies of the picture for kids to color.

Discuss various talents and personality traits, such as being good at athletics, music, or art; being friendly; being kind. Have the children stand in a circle. Choose one child to be “It.” The child who is It tosses a beanbag or other item to someone standing in the circle and calls out a talent such as “athletics,” then counts quickly to 10. The child who catches the beanbag must name an athletic talent, such as “playing soccer,” before It reaches 10; if not, he or she becomes It.

Closing Prayer


Friday, January 9, 2009

One of THOSE days!

I've been busy all week editing 2 big family shoots (check out my photo blog) I guess I've been neglecting the girls a little. It definitely showed yesterday! I think another fridge lock(the old one broke! I know! I have monkeys!) needs to be on the shopping list! Brinley's usually my little tattle-tale, but was at school so I didn't know what was going on. (Unfortunately there are no pictures of any offenses...I was too mad/busy.)
First offense: Opening a brand-new block of cheese and trying to slice it herself (with a cheese slicer)...cheese is all over the floor and coffee table. And an apple core on the floor to boot!
Second offense: Tries opening a banana and in the process smooshes it. Tries to eat it...banana is smooshed in the carpet, couch, and couch pillows.
Third offense: Big tin of popcorn dumped all over.
Fourth offense: While cleaning up popcorn, she takes her diaper off and pees on the floor. What???
Yes! We are back at square 1 potty training except that she still poops in the toilet, thank goodness. I don't know what happened, but she's back to wearing a diaper. I'm going to let her decide when she's ready!
Oh! AND she's a Sunbeam now and won't stay in Primary! She was wandering the halls so they came and got me so I could sit by her. She's got a mind of her own!
Luckily, Brinley was scared of mom's wrath and vacuumed up all the popcorn and put away the silverware (her daily job) without even being asked. She was an angel!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Gatherings

Everyone's already blogging about New Year's resolutions and I'm still on Christmas!! What can I say? Things have been busy!!
After Christmas, we did all the family stuff. The weekend after Christmas was my mom's side of the family's annual Christmas party. We go to my aunt's "barn" where there's a huge playroom with slides, ball pit, climbing wall, basketball court, etc. So we didn't see our kids almost the whole time. It was nice! The adults just get to eat and visit. It was great fun. This year, some of my aunts brought old movies and slides from back when they were growing up. My grandparents both died before I was born so it was fun to see them alive and in action. My mom was also hilarious with doing a funny dance and a somersault in her short-shorts with her bum at the camera. Everyone was bustin' up! Cambree liked performing in front of everyone when the screen went blank.Sunday we had to give our talks...which was stressful. Shawn's sister's family came to sit with the girls. I guess Cambree didn't understand that we'd be up there the entire time (even though I told her about 10 times) cuz during the song, she ran up to me crying. I took her out and told her again what was going on. Then, she wanted to go back in and was fine. As far as the talks was a hard/broad topic, "Coming Unto Christ". I'm just glad it's over.
That week, my friend, Donell came and went so it was fun to see her for a few hours a couple of the days. Tuesday night, we finally went to see the lights on Temple Square. We've been plannig it for days but it was either snowing or a bad night. Tuesday was perfect, it wasn't too cold. We haven't been since Brinley was a baby. We took Trax and ate pizza at Pier 39 (nice pic!). Cambree wanted to walk the whole baby's getting so big! They both were really interested in the Visitor's Center displays. I think we need to take another trip there. They liked the big Nativity and Brinley was facisinated with The Tabernacle. The lights were great too! I love nights like drama, just fun with the family!New Year's Eve, we got invited to a neighbor's house for a party. There were about 5 couples. We were really happy to go to meet more people in the area. Our neice babysat the girls. We made our yummy pomegranate dip, which was a hit, talked, and played games. It was really fun!
New Year's Day was the Hancock Family Christmas Party, finally! They all worked around our schedule since my family had tons of stuff planned. But it was fun to get together on New Year's. Brinley and Cambree got to decorate Grandma's Christmas tree! After Christmas! They liked doing it however they wanted. Then, the kids went out and played in the snow and then did the cousin gift exchange. The adults, then, did a gift exchange game and a white elephant game...stay tuned to see what we gave!Friday, I had my family over. We were supposed to have them over on New Year's Eve, but since we got invited to a party, they were nice enough to reschedule. Anyway, we had a nice dinner and played more games. I wrapped something up in a bunch of boxes and wrapping paper and they rolled the dice to open it up with gloves. They really got into it! Again, stay tuned to see what we wrapped up! Any guesses?
Saturday, we took Christmas down and cleaned the house. Then we went with the Dunns to the BYU vs. Wake Forest basketball game. My other neice babysat all 4 kids. So that was nice the kids could play together. Anyway, it was a huge game. Wake Forrest is ranked 6th in the nation and BYU hasn't lost on their home court since 2005. It was a close game! (and a HOT game! We were on the LAST row-cuz we bought the tickets that morning. We were dying! It doesn't make for a nice picture either.) But BYU lost. It was a bummer...oh well! I still got a date out of it! We went out for shakes after cuz we were still so hot!
So that's what we've been up to lately! I'll try to post again soon!