Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday, I was gone but Shawn took the girls to the ward Carnival. They decorated cookies, face painted, went fishing, got a cupcake in the cake walk, etc. They had fun and got some fun prizes! I was sad I was gone...but it was to book club so it was alright! ;)
Today was a Halloween, fun-filled day!! We started the day with getting Brinley (& Cambree-she insisted!) ready for school in her BYU Cheerleader costume that Brynn made! Thanks again! I didn't think they let kids dress up anymore, but I was happy she got to! I was so glad I didn't have to worry about costumes this year!! She wanted to be a Cheerleader again, Whew! I even painted a Y on her cheek this time. It was short day so all she did was party paraded around the school. She told me some of the older kids would say "Go BYU!" to her. She thought that was cool.
While Brinley was at school, I took Cambree shopping. She just loves shopping but it made it even better when everyone was dressed up and getting candy at all the stores!! She didn't want to stop! I never really go shopping on Halloween but I should cuz it was fun!! Oh, and Tai Pan already had all their Halloween stuff 50% off! Sweet!
After school was out, I went to wait for Brinley at her bus stop. As I was heading there, her bus went right by! I thought maybe it would turn around, but it didn't. So I thought maybe she missed the bus. So I ran home (a 1/2 mile away!) and called the school. Nope. They sent me over to her teacher and she said Brinley got on the bus! As I was talking to her, I hear, "Mom!" It was Brinley! Whew! The bus driver just forgot and then dropped her off right outside the gate! Good thing I gave her a paper with the code on it!! That was a horrible feeling to not know where my child was! This bus thing is nice but kinda stresses me out sometimes!
THEN, we went to Shawn's work so the girls could see everyone and trick-or-treat there. Shawn insisted that Brinley not wear her BYU cheerleader costume to the U, so she was a lion instead. Traffic was HORRIBLE so we got there a little late but they still got PLENTY of treats!! And they love seeing their daddy at work!
We rushed home, in the bad traffic, and had our traditional Mummies (pigs in a blanket) Halloween meal. It's perfect cuz it's easy, but still not healthy. Oh's hard to satisfy both, isn't it?
Anyway, we just went around here and most of the people here are old so there were A LOT of houses dark or they just didn't answer their door (or they were too slow!). But they still got tons cuz most people would tell them to take 2 or 3 candies. At one house Cambree made herself right at home, walked in and started throwing balls for the dog to get. The lady was so nice and said she could come by anytime to play with the dog! So cute! My girls are SO not shy!! Another time Cambree saw a princess and just kept staring at her and touching her. She almost followed her into the Princess's house! I really didn't know her obsession was that deep! It was getting late and the girls were starting to get tired. So we just had them go to houses on they way back. I said, "Go to that house, they have a TV on." So they did and Cambree asks if she can come in and watch TV. The lady was so cute and said you can come watch Deal or No Deal with me if that's what you want to do! Then, at the next house Cambree again asked if she could watch TV with them! She was a little obsessed with that!! LOL We told her when they got home they could watch a little Halloween show! They're so crazy!!
Now, it's off to paint the house all day!! I hope we get lots done!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!!

Nothing to really brag about here (do I brag anyway...I do!! I guess that's what blogs are about! ;)...we're not THAT great at pumpkin carving!! Shawn's better than me...mine's always the same old, same old pumpkin face! (I helped Cambree) Oh well!! The girls had a lot of fun! Cambree even was more involved and able to scrape out the pumpkin guts this time! Brinley kept saying, "This is SO gross!" and then rubbing her hands together with the guts and squishing them! I don't think she thought it was THAT gross, but mostly cool!
My camera battery was about to die, so this is the best of the pictures!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scrapbook Heaven!!

I was SOOO happy and excited to get my scrapbook overnighter!! I missed going to the annual one at my aunt's cabin in August cuz we were moving. I was SO sad I was missing it. Shawn told me that I could go to the next overnighter that came up. My other aunt (I get to scrapbook with all these aunts and my mom every week!) was going up to their condo in Park City for a week and invited us all to go up for a day and a night!! That has never happened so I was stoked!!! And I have the best husband!! Shawn took Thursday off (& took the kids and worked on the house) and I left at 8 am to meet everyone. We were all so giddy and excited and I just love my mom and my aunts!! Park City is so beautiful right now!! I just love the downtown area!! Anyway, her condo was right downtown with PLENTY of space for all 5 of us! We spread out and scrapped, watched movies, went out to lunch at the Hungry Moose Pub & Grill (it was pretty good), went on a walk downtown, and stayed up way too late!! And we slept in too!! It's so nice to not have little kids to wake me up! Then, we went down to the gym and got a good workout in. I did weights since my arms (& legs) are SO weak! I remember going to the gym in college and was able to lift 20-30 lbs more than I can now!! So sad!! Then, we scrapbooked some more!! We had to leave around 3 on Friday and can I just brag a bit telling you how many pages I did....drumroll please...........30 pages!!! Isn't that AMAZING!! Only you scrapbookers would know just how amazing that truly is...but that's minus the I have lots of journaling still to do!! Here's one of my pages from our family pictures last March. My sister sent me a package that arrived just in time full of scrapbook stuff she was giving me! She sent it when I was having my meltdown. What a great sister!! Thank, Ang!! Isn't the paper perfect?
So that was a great day and 1/2 of relaxation before working on our house!! (Thanks again, Shawn, for letting me do that!) Friday night, we went to Ikea for ideas...I just love that place! Then, Saturday, we packed a load up in the van and went down to the house (dropping off the girls at Shawn's sister's house) to clean and possibly tape. I was getting so overwhelmed with all we have to do!! While I was cleaning, I just realized really how much we'll have to paint!! I did get some taping done that I felt good about. It's a little crazy! But doable...we also decided we can do all we can this week and have a painting party on Saturday (anyone's invited!) and then move in the following Saturday (the 8th) no matter how much we've gotten accomplished. So that's the plan!! We'll see!! I'm REALLY excited to move!! I plan to go down this week and get it all taped off and then just paint like crazy on Saturday. Do you think we can do it?
-Oh! And Brinley had her Primary Program today. The Primary is TINY in this ward!! I could even hear her singing! So Brinley had 2 parts and actually had them memorized but when she went up to do one of her parts she had help. Nerves I guess!! Some older kids gave talks and the Bishop gave a little talk. It was different than our last ward with a HUGE Primary but I'm glad we were here for it since they needed more kids! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

Brinley's been BEGGING us to use her coupons she keeps getting from school to go to a haunted house, Frightmares, Pumpkin Patch, etc. So, we finally went to one for Family Home Evening! We chose the Scarecrow Festival since we've never been there and it looked like it had the most stuff! We were right!! There were big blow-up slides and bounce houses, carnival games (Brinley has a pretty good aim!), haunted house, pumpkin patch (where we got pumpkins for a buck since it was the last day), entertainment, train ride, etc. It was A LOT of fun!! We went into the Haunted House...not that scary but Cambree was scared! I was glad she didn't have any nightmares that night!! The kids loved throwing the rubber chickens into a witch's brew...kinda random, but whatever. Brinley said her favorite thing was the train better be since we waited in line for a 1/2 hour for a 2 minute ride!! But it's all about them!! While Brinley and I waited, Shawn and Cambree watched the dance teams. Shawn said Cambree was glued the whole time!! She LOVED watching them!! She could be my little dancer! They both also said the blow-up slides were the funnest too. It was just so nice to not have any little, little ones to take care of...we really enjoyed just watching the two of them going down each of the slides by themselves. Cambree could even do them! So it was a really great night! (We borrowed Barbara's camera so we wouldn't have to lug around my big one and I was actually in some pictures cuz Shawn took the camera!!! A-MAZ-ING!)

And house update: WE closed YESTERDAY!!! HOORAY!!! And everything is fixed or is getting fixed...and yes, we do trust them that they'll fix stuff...Meryl J. Bateman is the co-signer...I don't think he'd want a lawsuit on his record! Just Kidding! I'd feel awful if we did that!! Anyway, we feel really good about it all. So we're going to be busy cleaning and painting, thus you might not hear much from me...but who knows!!! Anyone want to help???

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ho Hum...

Thanks for all your great comments on paint color! I REALLY appreciate it!! You'll just have to wait for the pics to see what I decided!!
So our weekend was pretty slow. Friday was just went to Home Depot to look at ideas and get a few things. Then, we watched The Office that we had recorded. That show just isn't long enough!! I love it!
Saturday, we hung out at home doing stuff around the house until my sister-in-law and her family (Shawn's brother) came over to get their family pics taken. She's a photographer too so I was a little nervous! They turned out pretty good, so I was excited! Go to my Photo Blog to see more {hint, hint}. I have a mini session deal I'm doing if you want to get your family pictures done for Christmas.

Then, Shawn's sister and husband came so we all could go out to dinner while Barbara willingly watched all the kids. She's so great! Macaroni Grill is having a deal to get a 3 course meal (salad, main course, and dessert-the dessert was 1/2 the normal size but that's fine). So it was great cuz I usually don't get dessert! Yumm...chocolate! It was fun getting together with those siblings. Even though we all live pretty close, we don't get together that often!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some Help Please??!!!

Hey all you interior designers out there! I'm hoping you can help me!! We close on our house this coming week, so I'm starting to think about paint! I know, I should've started sooner!! Right now, I'm trying to persuade Shawn that gold for our front room would be warm and inviting, with maybe some faux texture on one wall. My aunt has it in her house and I loved it! Red accents look awesome with it! So at, they have a tool where you can put paint on walls and change the furniture to the color you have. So this is a rough idea of what it would look like. What do you think? Which one looks better with our green couch? And don't feel bad if you don't like the mom doesn't even like it! (It wouldn't let me copy and paste so this is my screen shot! Sorry!) And I want to paint the ceiling but Shawn doesn't want to. Convince him that it will really look great when we can eventually put up crown moulding!!
The reason I'm staying away from green is because I'd rather have our family room and kitchen green and I don't want the whole house green (or that level anyway)!! If we do green, then we'd probably do the kitchen red (I know, so trendy right now) and the family room a taupe color. So that's where I'm coming from and just need some advice!!! It's so scary to paint, cuz I don't like to redo anything!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Little Cambree

I like to do little journal write-ups about my little girls and what they're been up to. Birthdays are a great time to do one, even if it is a week late!
Cambree is such a charmer! If you ask her Aunt Lynnette, who got to watch her a little bit while I was in Italy, was just taken by her! She sings all the time, dances her "pretty princess dance", says funny things, says "Hi" to everyone, and is just so dang cute and smily! She is independent and strong-willed (what 2-3 year-old isn't?). Cambree likes to have friends and plays pretty well with them. She loves to be with Brinley and misses her when she's at school. The other day, Cambree read/sang me some stories from her Dr. Seuss books. So cute! She knows all her letters and many of the sounds (thanks to us helping Brinley with those things). She can count to 20 but misses a few numbers in there. Cambree LOVES to do puzzles and Grandma Hancock keeps buying new ones for her to do! She still takes naps!! Hallelujah!! Brinley quit when she turned 2 and Cambree still takes them!! I'm so lucky!! Another advantage to living here, is I feel like I have more time to play with my girls. After I take Brinley to school, I get to play or do a mini-Preschool just with Cambree. It's been really fun!
We're so lucky to have Cambree in our family!
Here's a photo shoot I did of her last week. I think she's SO cute! And doesn't this one look like it could be in a magazine? And go over to my Photography Blog to check out the rest of them and give it some love!!! It needs some!

And here are the fun outtakes from the shoot that I just couldn't delete!

And Cambree pooped in the toilet today (after much persuasion)!! Yea!!! So we went to Petsmart (she wanted to go to the animal store) and she got her Polly Pocket, finally!! I still can't believe it!! I know we're not out of the dark yet, but it sure was a big step towards it!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feeling MUCH Better!

Thanks everyone for all your nice comments! I just love how everyone opens up or helps me see better. You all are great!
So I got to go to the Temple this morning...It's SO nice living right next to it! I was really looking forward to some peace and being away from the worries of the world. Mission Accomplished!! It was just what I needed ! I learned that there's a MUCH bigger picture that I need to be aware of and I just don't need to "sweat the small stuff". Easier said than done, but it was really nice to go to the Temple just me by myself. I've never done that before. Shawn's always gone with me...but it was nice to go by myself for a change.
As soon as we got home, we had to get ready to go to a wedding and then to the BYU game. The wedding was Shawn's cousin (one who I'd only met once before) and we'll just say it was interesting (unorganized cuz of the weather, irreverant, pregnant).
Then, we rushed to Provo (while we were at a stoplight Shawn jumped out of the driver's seat and I jumped into the driver's seat so he could change his clothes in the van. I felt like I was in High School doing a Chinese Firedrill!! Whew! ). Shawn dropped me and the girls off at my sister's apartment, so I could change (The Riviera where Shawn and I met. It's a sentimental hole-in-the-wall and we love it!). Mandy was watching the girls for us while we went to the game. She said she was missing them...and I said, "I think we can arrange something!!" So she got to babysit with no toys or other kids in the apartment. But she's going to school to be a teacher so I wasn't worried. They watched a movie, had dinner, and had balloon fights. The girls didn't want to leave! She's a miracle worker! I think her roommates didn't mind too much...they are pretty loud and crazy girls!!
The game was pretty slow. But BYU won and that's all that really matters! AND the weather held out!! We were so prepared for a wet, cold game but it wasn't!! Just slightly cold...whew! Thanks, Katie, for the tickets! We have such a great time when we go with you guys!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Keepin' it REAL!

So this post is a journal post...I don't want sympathy. Lately, I've been liking it when people blog about the real crap that goes on in life. Like this new blog I checked out that makes light of the Mormon mom ways and that everything is so perfect in life...when it's SO NOT!! (it also has great contests!). I'm mostly happy and things don't get to me too much, but I've had enough and need to get it out!! What brought it on, was today my sister called. She said that I didn't really seem that happy. And I'm not really. So I'm here to it the General Conference letdown or PMS or something...I don't know. I know I should be happy and grateful and I usually am, but just not today or lately.
Being in a transition phase in life is hard. Nobody wants to be your friend, cuz you're moving, all your old friends are far away, I don't want to set up play dates and things for Brinely and Cambree cuz we're moving, getting involved in Brinley's school would be a waste since we're moving, no callings (which is kind of nice), nobody cares/knows us at church and they're all old. It's just so isolating.
So here is what I've been struggling with lately. Living with my's HARD!! We were able to live with my parents but that's different! We eat different foods, think different, different ideas of entertainment (I do NOT like listening to talk radio ALL day! And I do NOT like watching CNN every night!! I'm SOO sick of politics!!!), etc. (and in case you're wondering, I'm not too worried about anyone reading this since I know Jody's the only one that ever reads this, but she knows where I coming from.) And I know I should be grateful because they are so generous with themselves and their time (like babysitting) but this politics stuff is just getting to me!!! I mean Sarah Palin is great but I'm not worshipping every word she says!! And getting mad at EVERY comment against her. ok...enough said.
Next up...our house. It was inspected and had a little water in a basement closet under the stairs. Water is a HUGE red-flag for me! Shawn didn't seem too concerned since our inspector just thought it was a sprinkler prob. But if there's water getting into the house, there's a hole somewhere in the house!! They're supposed to fix it PROFESSIONALLY, but I don't know if they really will do that. A few smaller things alarmed me...I just REALLY hope this is the house for us. Is it normal to have second thoughts? I thought when I'd found the right house, we'd be so excited...but I'm feeling kind of let-down.
Next, Potty training!!! You just knew I'd be ranting about this!! Yes, she hardly has pee accidents, which is marvelous (cuz Brinley sure did!) but she WILL NOT go poo!! Now, she won't go in her diaper or the potty or her underwear! She is SCARED to go and thinks it's gross. She cries when we put a diaper on and acts really scared when she poos in it. She sits and sits on the toilet crying. It's SO tiring!! Wednesday night, we had to give her a suppository to get her to go. I think that cleaned her out, after being backed up almost a week. And I'm sure the traumatized her even more. I'm so frustrated and out of ideas!
My Photography Biz. I've used the time living here to concentrate on getting my business going more. My website is about done (thanks a TON John!), my blog is done, I've got business cards, etc...but hardly any business. Fall is usually crazy busy, but I've moved away from everyone I know so I don't have any connections (or business sense) so it's frustrating!! I'm feeling very inadequate and incompetent. Am I really supposed to be doing this?
And lastly, Shawn's thinking about going back to get his MBA. Now, this is way premature cuz he doesn't even know what job in business he would want, but he does like business and thinks it would be a career path he could take. What the heck are we even buying a house for if he has to go back to school for more 2 years???!!!
But I did see my best friend from childhood on Tuesday and she talked me into cutting my hair into the Utah-cut A-line. It's cute for a change and I got my roots done so that was nice and MUCH NEEDED, but I think I like my other hair cut better. It was fun to see her and have our girls play.
Whew! I already feel better! My life isn't that bad, but just lots of things are coming to a head right now and I seem to be handling everything badly. So that's my life right now! Yea for trials. ;)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Cambree!!

In addition to Conference Weekend, we celebrated Cambree's birthday, along with my sister, Mandy's b-day which is the day after Cambree's. I got an idea from a magazine to make little doggy cupcakes. They were so cute!! Cambree loved them!! She's so into animals! Shawn also wanted to make a cake, but didn't really turn out looking like a dog (so I won't be posting a picture)...but that's ok the cake was good!
We did cake and presents. My mom made a few outfits for a doll that Cambree's had since Christmas but no clothes to put on her. Cambree's all about changing outfits so it was just the thing to revive an old toy! She loves it! Thanks mom!! She got a Little People barn, clothes (for the photo shoot that I couldn't do that day cuz of all the rain!!!), and a Barbie that Brinley gave to her (Brinley picked it out, so I'm SURE Brinely wanted it too!!). I wasn't that great about taking pictures, but the party was short and sweet (cuz we did it inbetween conference sessions)! At least she's young enough to not really care. She just loved all her new toys!! I just can't believe my baby's 3!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Announcement

Did you all catch the Temple Announcement in the Saturday morning session? A temple being built in Rome, Italy!! That is AMAZING!! My sister (the one who served her mission there) said, when we were there, that it would take a while before a temple could be built in Italy since the police have permission to enter any building. So I guess that's all cleared up. Mandy says they've even had the land bought for a while so they can start building soon! I got chills! It was so exciting! Also, the temple that's being built in the greater Kansas City area. Doesn't that sound a lot like Independance, MO? All I'm sayin' is ya'll better get your lives in order!!
So the announcement was big, the talks were all great! I liked Elder Nelson's talk on marriage and how a temple marriage is the best (or something like that) and just reaffirming marriage since it's getting hounded in CA. Elaine Dalton (the YW General Pres.) gave a talk about Young Women and their virtue. I couldn't help but think about how our culture is so involved with celebrities and their looks. Sometimes I get caught up in their lives. I probably know more about some celebrities than I know about our own Prophet. He is definitely more interesting than a celeb. I vow to learn more about our prophet and apostles. I also enjoyed Elder Bednar's about Prayer and heard about President Monson's talk in Priesthood about showing and doing more for your wife. I can't wait until that one comes out in print! ;) We just love conference weekend, cuz we spend the whole weekend with my family talking, eating good food(My mom made these cute pumpkin bowls out of oranges for the girls. They loved them!), playing games (we played our favorite game "Ticket to Ride" probably 6 times!), relaxing, and being spiritually fed. It was a great time! Here's a pic of Brinley playing Conference BINGO!! She listened to a whole talk and a 1/2 while playing this game!! She got Bingo once and almost blackout. We'll keep working on it until she can do a whole session!! Cambree just ate the M&M's.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A FREE Handbag!!

Handbag Planet is giving away a handbag every hour on the day they open! Go check it out to pick out yours!! This is the one I picked: