Friday, September 5, 2008

New Hairdos!

Sorry, everyone! I don't think I'll be posting any pics of our dream has an offer already...I'm so sad! I've been trying to push Shawn but he's been wanting to wait. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm sad about it though.
So, Maylyn had these hair sites on one of her posts and I decided to check them out. Most of them I'll probably never do (they take WAY too long and let's face it! I just can't figure them out!), but I wanted to check them out to get some new ideas that might not be too time-consuming. I found one! It's pretty much the same pull hair through thing that I do a lot but with all the hair. I can handle that! I did it on Cambree's hair and I thought it turned out cute! (I just noticed in the picture that there are some flyaways, but I don't care.)
So here are some of the sites you can check out:


Maylyn said...

Don't you just love doing hair different ways? I do. (By the way, it's M-A-Y-L-Y-N). :) Never had anyone spell my name that way.

Sants said...

I just love those sites. Makes me miss when Rachel was little. Sari still screams if anyone gets within 4 inches of her head. My total immersion and desensitization plan failed miserably.

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I LOVE the hair do! very darling, Your girls always have their hair done so cute, I am lucky to get a pony tail in Natalie's hair any more than that it is a chocolate bribe.
I am sorry about your dream house, just think the next one might be the "one" and better than the dream one! Did you like any in AF?
and oh yes I MISS YOU!!!

Rachel said...

Those are so cute - thanks for posting those sites! I'm definately going to have to try some of those on Megan!

happy mom said...

So cute, I wonder if Josie will ever have hair? on another note I went looking for blogs that would help me with Amandas hair and no such luck, but I am experimenting anyway, and maybe I will have to start my own!

and I love the pictures that you did our our kids and family, and you are extremely creative as well, Jenn just has so much time on her hands (that is what I am telling myself) that she is just outdoing herself with projects! man she is super girl. no offense right?