Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's SO Hard to Say GOODBYE...

Slowly but surely our house is getting packed up. It's really sad. This house was our first don't get that back. We've had great times here. It's been fun to transform the house over the 2 years (almost) that we've been here...painting, flooring, carpeting and other little things to make it ours. {sigh}
Things have actually been kind of normal today. We're pretty on top of things with packing. Just lots of last minute stuff to pack, which I'll so tomorrow. So we went to playgroup! It was fun visiting one last time with all my friends there. Then, I took Brinley to her first eye exam. It's required to have one to register in the Jordan School District where she'll be going on Monday! (She was supposed to start school today if we weren't moving! I can't believe it!) I'm a little worried cuz she squints a lot when she watches TV and reads. The Dr. was really great with her so that was nice. He said she has 20/30 vision faraway and might have a stigmatism which would explain why she squints. He even dialated her eyes which were driving her crazy!! He's not reccommending glasses yet but we'll go back in 3 months to have her checked out again. I just never thought I'd have to worry about glasses with my kids since I have perfect eyes and Shawn doesn't quite have great eye sight but he doesn't have glasses yet. Oh well...I guess it's not completely hereditary.
Last night I got to go to Book Club and had an awesome time with my friends. I think I was a little loopy from all the packing and lack of sleep cuz I was just in a mood to laugh uncontrollably! Whew! Don't you just love those nights? Anyway, I'm really going to miss all my wonderful friends here. It's hard leaving when we've got such a good thing going here. I probably don't ever sound like I'm too sad to leave, cuz I know if I let my emotions go, then I'm really in trouble! So I try to keep things light and I really hate goodbyes...but I still would like to see some of you before I go. I do feel like it's the right thing to do and it's always nice to have a fresh start. I just hope it's as good there as it was here! Thanks so much to all you wonderful people here! I think this calls for a little shout-out to all my great friends!!
Donell: You've been my friend the longest here and definitely saved me when I was living with my parents! You are always right there to help me out whether you knew I needed it or not. And I'm so glad Brinley and Rachel have been such great friends. You are such a wonderful example to me!
Jenn: I didn't know when I met your sister that you would eventually be my neighbor! She said we would get along great and we have! It's been so great from photog photoshop sessions to dinners to book club to waiting in line to be in a Brad Pitt movie! You make everything so fun, but no pressure! ;)
Heidi: Gotta love fellow Deltans! I couldn't believe that we were in the same ward when we first moved in! What are the odds of that? I felt right at home having that connection with you and am glad that we (and our kids) have become great friends. You totally redeemed yourself from High School! ;0)
Brynn: I also felt a connection with you on my first Sunday at church since Justin was a fellow Deltan! That's just so crazy too! It's been fun to visit you and hang out on occassion. You are fun and also very deep. Thanks for your example too.
Brandi: You are the best Visiting Teaching partner I've ever had! I just LOVE going with you! We've had some wonderful moments that I'll treasure forever. We've definitely had our share with going to Margaret. I hope you can keep visiting her and let me know what goes on with her.
Lori: You are the party-planning girl!!! I LOVE that you like to get with your girl friends!! Scrapbooking, game night, and ladies night are just to name a few! I wish I was more like you and could plan stuff like that. I'll have to try and be more like you when I move.
Stephanie & Candace: You guys rock!! I loved it when you came to visit me! You both are so wonderful and have such a great spirit about you. Thanks for all your messages and inspiration.
Kellye: I appreciate all the confidence you have in me as an amateur photographer. You were also so complimentary and inspiring me to do more with my talent. You gave me more drive to do what I love.
And Melanie, Teresa, Emily, Maylyn, Sarah, Sherri (both of them), Gabrielle, Lindy, and Kristen: Church, Playgroup, YW, Primary, Ladies Night, Book Club, etc. I looked forward to seeing each of you at any of those activities. You all brighten my day and always took a special interest in me. You all are so wonderful and good in your own ways.
Thank you all for being a part of my life! You've each touched me and made me a better person in your different way. Gosh! I'm so glad there's blogging!! I won't forget you! (Man! I feel like I won an Academy Award!) {sniff, sniff}
*And if you know the song from where the title comes from, pat yourself on the back!


jen&john&maddy said...

Love you Missy, going to miss you a ton. And we BETTER stay in touch...but no pressure. ;) (And thanks Shawn for letting Missy come back for Book Club, otherwise I would be even more upset). Remember, I'm a good errander, and I'm working on the pics as we speak!

Brandi said...

I am so going to miss you. I also loved going VT with you. It was a blast. Good luck with everything and you better keep in touch. Thats an order:)

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I will miss you! Now I will be the only girl at the HOA meetings. Thank you for your friendship, I have enjoyed getting to know you and I am so happy you will come on back for Book Club! Maybe you can talk Shawn in to letting you come back for a Ladies Night now and then?!?!

ClistyB said...

waiting for you Miss!!

esperanza said...

Good luck with your move and your kindergartener!Sentimental moments.

Gabrielle said...

Good luck! I hope the guys who were packing your truck today saved you at least one cookie!

stephschmidt said...

I know, a little late, but you know me :) I'm sure gonna miss you! But I'm so glad you're coming back for book club! Good luck with everything - hope you guys can find the perfect place soon! :) Sure do love ya!

Missy said...

Thanks, you guys! I miss you all already!
I can't believe no on got my song title! "Yesterday" by the Beetles or Boys 2 Men which was what I was singing in my head...yeah, I was listening to lots of 90s stuff while packing :)

RAD mom said...

If I didn't know that you and I are both fairly good at keeping in touch/getting together with good friends, I don't know what I'd do. Change is constant, but sometimes it hurts more than other times. Thanks for the nice shout outs. I enjoyed reading what you said about everyone , even though I don't know most of them personally.

Angie said...

I was totally thinking of the Boys 2 Men version of Yesterday when I saw the title. Now that I'm writing this, the Beetles sang it before them. And it's been done by other bands, too.
Such a good song.
Good luck with house hunting. I hope that the next time we come to visit, we'll get to see you in your new place!!

Kellye Wilcox said...

Missy- You are so dang cute! Thank you for the sweet things you said about me. At least I think it's me, I don't know any other Kellye's with a ye! Hahahaha! I'm glad that you are getting settled in. I hope you find your dream home! I do still want you to do pics of Hayden. I will totally pay you more for coming here, or I will go there. I'm really flexible. So let me know if you can. You're Awesome!

The Ekker Family said...

We will miss you!