Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Europe Trip-Rome-Day 2

You guys all left such nice comments on my Memory Lane post! I'm going to miss you guys!! Back to journaling about the trip! July 10-I had the worst shower!! It would be scalding hot and then freezing cold!! What a pain!
First thing's first! We went to the Roman Forum. Man! It was hot! But this place was one of the highlights of the whole trip! I LOVED walking around the old Roman ruins and thinking what things could've been used for and where steps or where other parts of the building could've been. The Romans did everything BIG!! Look at all the little people walking around! It was also neat to think that the Apostle Peter proselyted in Rome and that we were walking on the very stones that he could've walked on! I never knew how big this place is!! It's HUGE! And they are constantly uncovering new ruins all the time! It's an archeologist's dream! The other exciting thing here was Caesar Augustus' house. The woman that first discovered it 30 years ago didn't want the public to see it. How selfish is that?!! Well, she lost but it's only been open to the public for a few months and we got to see it! There is still vibrant paint on the walls! Pretty amazing!

After we saw CA house, we walked around some more to find even more ruins!! It's so cool!
After all that walking, we took a small break in the shade and then it was off to the Colosseum!! Now, this place is huge!! They used Jewish slaves to build it but I honestly don't know how they could raise up such huge slabs of rock!! Crazy! I really want to see Gladiator now! They used this place mostly as a sick way to entertain people with executions (lions and tigers tearing people apart), fights, races, reenactments of wars-they even filled it full of water and had a ship war. That's how big this place is!! They would also have funeral processions and parades. It's such a massive stadium and I'm sure, in it's day, it was even more glorious than any stadiums that are here in our day!
After the Colosseum, we were pooped! Mostly, it was the heat that got to us. We found a shady spot outside the Colosseum where sprinklers would mist us. It was perfect! We also got to watch Italians dressed up like Romans get people to pay them to take their picture with them!
We (well my dad cuz we were all still so worn-out) walked around trying to find the place where Peter was jailed and killed (I think). No such luck. We really wanted to see that! So instead, we went to the Republic Piazza where my dad remembered doing street boards as a missionary. Not too special, but we did have dinner at the Mickey D's! I know! Isn't that pathetic!! We really wanted a cheap, American meal at that time! This picture cracks me up, cuz me and Mandy are holding up food and Tiff is holding a napkin! Nice.

On that Piazza, there was an old Bath house we checked out (which is now a Church) and then we found out that the Vittoria Church wasn't too far so we went to see that. Well, it closed at 6 so we missed it by 10 minutes. There was a priest looking through the window shaking his head at us. PUNK!! We came 1/2 way around the world to see this!!
So we went to the Borghese Villa gardens. Everyone was still too pooped to walk around it, so we took a bus a little ways to a pond and fountain, chilled, and took a bus back. I was a little disappointed.
Back at the hotel, Mandy and Tiff played cards, I showered and called Shawn. My girls never really even wanted to talk to me they were having so much fun with cousins and Grandma. The time was always a little tricky too since I was 8 hours ahead. The whole calling thing was just a little frustrating! You had to get a calling card at a Tabacheria (yeah a tobacco store but they have EVERYTHING! all the little random things you need...bus passes too). Whenever I needed one, I couldn't find one or they were closed. Whenever I didn't need one, they were everywhere! And I had to pay alot for not much time! I think this could've been easier, I just don't know the secret!Oh! I forgot! This is the Arch of Constantine, right by the Colosseum. The Romans would build a new arch every time they won a big victory. They must've built arches all the time! They were such a greedy bunch. I learned just how greedy and barbaric they really were on this trip. Not nice, as Cambree would say!


Tooele Brezoff Family said...

Ok I want more! I love reading about your trip!

Brandi said...

There is so much histroy over there. It is beautiful. Love the pics and hearing about your trip.