Friday, August 29, 2008

Gettin' Into the Swing of Things!

If you know me, I've got to have plans!!! So we chilled on Monday and Tuesday (going to the pool on Tuesday during the day and house hunting in the evening), and by Wednesday I (and the girls) had to get out of the house!! Shawn's parents work at the Temple on Wednesdays so I didn't feel like I needed to hang around and help out, so I made last-minute plans to go to a Sprinkler Park!! My friend that used to live in Tooele, Brynn, was even able to come with me on such short notice! The girls had fun...well, they said they had fun. You could sure tell Brinley was enjoying herself! She ran all over the place going through the sprinklers!
Cambree, on the other hand, hardly went near the sprinklers (this picture cracks me up with her looking nervous!). They would come on suddenly and it would scare her a little. She liked to push the button to turn them on and to just BARELY touch the water. She even splashed in a few puddles...I was so proud. She's my little cautious one...which is fine if she says she's still having fun!!
Thursday, I went back to Tooele (sorry I didn't visit you all!) to scrapbook with my mom and aunts. They scrapbook every Thursday rotating between their houses and it just happened to be back at my mom's this week. My sister, Mandy, even came up from Provo to go, and Donell joined us for a couple of hours. I've been really sad I missed my scrapbook weekend cuz we were moving that day so it was great to get my hands on my paper and glue!! It's been months!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're All Moved In!!

And it's actually not too bad (other than the fact we can't find our cell phone charger and a few other things). We've got the whole basement and we even fit most of it our stuff down there. I'm still wondering about how I'm going to get pictures on my blog. We're not hooking our computer up to the internet so I'll have to use my flash drive or something to transfer them. Kind of a pain so I don't know if I'll do that.
Anyway, the neighborhood has really old people here and Brinley doesn't start school until the 8th of Sept (they have year-round school here and she already missed some days) so things are a little boring (I'm already done unpacking). But, my in-laws have a swimming pool that's open the rest of this week (closes after Labor Day) which we intend to use about every day this week. Who wants to join us?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's SO Hard to Say GOODBYE...

Slowly but surely our house is getting packed up. It's really sad. This house was our first don't get that back. We've had great times here. It's been fun to transform the house over the 2 years (almost) that we've been here...painting, flooring, carpeting and other little things to make it ours. {sigh}
Things have actually been kind of normal today. We're pretty on top of things with packing. Just lots of last minute stuff to pack, which I'll so tomorrow. So we went to playgroup! It was fun visiting one last time with all my friends there. Then, I took Brinley to her first eye exam. It's required to have one to register in the Jordan School District where she'll be going on Monday! (She was supposed to start school today if we weren't moving! I can't believe it!) I'm a little worried cuz she squints a lot when she watches TV and reads. The Dr. was really great with her so that was nice. He said she has 20/30 vision faraway and might have a stigmatism which would explain why she squints. He even dialated her eyes which were driving her crazy!! He's not reccommending glasses yet but we'll go back in 3 months to have her checked out again. I just never thought I'd have to worry about glasses with my kids since I have perfect eyes and Shawn doesn't quite have great eye sight but he doesn't have glasses yet. Oh well...I guess it's not completely hereditary.
Last night I got to go to Book Club and had an awesome time with my friends. I think I was a little loopy from all the packing and lack of sleep cuz I was just in a mood to laugh uncontrollably! Whew! Don't you just love those nights? Anyway, I'm really going to miss all my wonderful friends here. It's hard leaving when we've got such a good thing going here. I probably don't ever sound like I'm too sad to leave, cuz I know if I let my emotions go, then I'm really in trouble! So I try to keep things light and I really hate goodbyes...but I still would like to see some of you before I go. I do feel like it's the right thing to do and it's always nice to have a fresh start. I just hope it's as good there as it was here! Thanks so much to all you wonderful people here! I think this calls for a little shout-out to all my great friends!!
Donell: You've been my friend the longest here and definitely saved me when I was living with my parents! You are always right there to help me out whether you knew I needed it or not. And I'm so glad Brinley and Rachel have been such great friends. You are such a wonderful example to me!
Jenn: I didn't know when I met your sister that you would eventually be my neighbor! She said we would get along great and we have! It's been so great from photog photoshop sessions to dinners to book club to waiting in line to be in a Brad Pitt movie! You make everything so fun, but no pressure! ;)
Heidi: Gotta love fellow Deltans! I couldn't believe that we were in the same ward when we first moved in! What are the odds of that? I felt right at home having that connection with you and am glad that we (and our kids) have become great friends. You totally redeemed yourself from High School! ;0)
Brynn: I also felt a connection with you on my first Sunday at church since Justin was a fellow Deltan! That's just so crazy too! It's been fun to visit you and hang out on occassion. You are fun and also very deep. Thanks for your example too.
Brandi: You are the best Visiting Teaching partner I've ever had! I just LOVE going with you! We've had some wonderful moments that I'll treasure forever. We've definitely had our share with going to Margaret. I hope you can keep visiting her and let me know what goes on with her.
Lori: You are the party-planning girl!!! I LOVE that you like to get with your girl friends!! Scrapbooking, game night, and ladies night are just to name a few! I wish I was more like you and could plan stuff like that. I'll have to try and be more like you when I move.
Stephanie & Candace: You guys rock!! I loved it when you came to visit me! You both are so wonderful and have such a great spirit about you. Thanks for all your messages and inspiration.
Kellye: I appreciate all the confidence you have in me as an amateur photographer. You were also so complimentary and inspiring me to do more with my talent. You gave me more drive to do what I love.
And Melanie, Teresa, Emily, Maylyn, Sarah, Sherri (both of them), Gabrielle, Lindy, and Kristen: Church, Playgroup, YW, Primary, Ladies Night, Book Club, etc. I looked forward to seeing each of you at any of those activities. You all brighten my day and always took a special interest in me. You all are so wonderful and good in your own ways.
Thank you all for being a part of my life! You've each touched me and made me a better person in your different way. Gosh! I'm so glad there's blogging!! I won't forget you! (Man! I feel like I won an Academy Award!) {sniff, sniff}
*And if you know the song from where the title comes from, pat yourself on the back!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Going to Have a Heart Attack!!

I seriously felt my chest hurting on Friday! I had the morning to pack (my first real day of packing) and Donell came over to help me, which was nice, but the girls got into tons of 2 steps forward, one step back. Then, I had to hurry and get ready, pack for our weekend, and pick up Shawn from work, I swear I was going to be late!! (Does it only take a 1/2 hour to get to the U? ;). We went to his brother's house to sign the closing papers on our house, even though we don't actually close until Wednesday they let us sign our side sooner. I was able to catch my breath and then head off to do pictures for my first wedding!! I TOLD you I'm going to die!! It actually wasn't as stressful as I thought, even with low lights, but especially cuz Jenn was there with me as a 2nd shooter and that Kristen was so nice and laid back. She looked so lovely and everyone was so nice! I'm a sucker for weddings and even got a little emotional. The ceremony was really beautiful, with our Bishop (Kristen is in my ward) marrying them. They make a great couple-full of laughs! It was really fun, but I don't know if weddings are my cup of tea. Here are a few that I've got edited. Hopefully, that will hold you off, Kristen, so I can move and then edit the rest! Thanks for working with me, trusting me, and being SO PATIENT!!

Kristen let us go after an hour of the reception, which was nice cuz I had my in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration to go to!! (I made the invitations, which I was happy to do since I couldn't help out with anything else!!) I got to be there for the last hour. Lynnette (Shawn's sister) did a great job putting it all together! The food was great, the displays were great, and they even put together a nice slide show from when they were young as kids to getting married to now! Shawn hadn't even seen some of the pictures. It was really nice and I can't wait to get my copy! There were so many people there! Friends, family, friends from Cali that have moved here...they are so loved! And I'm really blessed to be in this family. I finally met a cousin that was one of Shawn's favorite cousins for the first time. He's a really nice guy and we all had fun chatting. I hardly saw my girls the entire time! They had fun running around playing with their cousins. It's nice that they're at the age that I don't have to watch them 24/7!
After the party, we went to Ryan's house to spend the night since we were going house hunting in the morning. Yes! We went house hunting instead of packing!! I don't even have a Saturday to pack. Oh well! We jammed our day and saw 11 houses. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the houses we can afford! It's so much different than 6 months ago, when the houses we could afford weren't that special. We had to get back so Barbara & Larry could go to a wedding (they were watching our girls) at 3:30. We unpacked a load from our van and then headed to West Point for a friend's reception. We were also invited to a reception for a guy from Shawn's work, but the timing of it all was not going to work out. I couldn't believe how many wedding-type things I went to this weekend!! 4 if you inlude the anniversary party!! It was CRRAAAAZZZY! And I'm glad I didn't have a heart attack! Packing this week should be a breeze compared to that weekend!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Europe Trip-London & HOME!!

This is it!! THE last post of my Europe trip. So sad. July 17 (Thursday)-First thing on the agenda for the day was to pack up and GET RID OF THE RENTAL CAR!!!! I was so sick of driving and getting lost all the time!! I was so ready to take a train into London and use double-deckers the rest of the trip!! BUT, of course, it wasn't so easy. I refused to drive, again, in Paris so Dad drove while Mom navigated. She's gotten WAY better at navigating but our maps were just crappy. We were pretty much driving blindly in traffic. We had an address of where to return the car. We found the place where it was SUPPOSED to be and it wasn't there!! We were so confused!! Finally, Mandy and Mom walked down to the train station and it was in there. Duh!! So we go to try and park the thing in the teeny-tiny parking stalls...there was LOTS of reversing and held breath, we'll just say. We were SO DONE with that van!!!

So we get tickets to ride the Eurostar-it's super fast and goes right under the English Channel-a really long tunnel. I've never ridden a train and it was such a nice ride (and it better be for 200 Euros! Those were the only seats left..the nicer ones!). Sure beats the car! We, then, get to the train station in London (think Hogwarts...not really. I was hoping, though!) and were trying to decide if we should take the tube (the Metro) but it was really pricey and we'd have to lug all our luggage around (keep in mind that Mandy's been on her mission a while so she had 3 suitcases herself!! We all had one) we decided to take a Taxi!!! Look how cute these are??!! Turns out they didn't have a taxi big enough for all of us so we had to take 2 and there was traffic so it was almost twice as much as they quoted us...Dad's a little stressed-that was all the pounds he brought with him. BUT, we totally enjoyed our ride driving on the wrong side of the road!! It actually wasn't too weird cuz we were so used to one-way roads anyway.

We got to our hotel and were settling in. I had a little over 3 Pounds that my friend Donell gave me before I left. I thought I'd never be able to buy anything with that much so I decided to call Shawn instead from the hotel. I got to talk to him for about 13 minutes. Yeah, it was worth it. We walked around looking for a place to eat and found a little cafe. Tons O Gross FOOD!!! Hardly any flavor at all! I've heard this about England that it's just really bland and it is...greasy too. With a lot of salt it was ok. I got Chicken Kiev with boiled pot (boiled potatoes), carrots and cabbage. My mom got fish (I don't like fish) and said it really wasn't as great as she remembered it (she served her mission here in London 35 or so years ago-see why we did such a crazy trip as this??). We walked the streets, took pictures in a phone booth (sweet!! Isn't it just how you picture it? and I think my mom's a little crazy!), and found a nice park to walk around in. London was COLD!! We hardly saw the sun the whole 2 days we were there!! And this is summer? I don't think I could live there. It was funny cuz Mandy noticed that we were reading billboards and signs and then remembered that we could actually understand this language!!!

July 18 (Friday)-So the day started out on a sour note. Breakfast. The guy asked us if we wanted an English Breakfast and it would be 4 pounds if we did. We said no since we didn't even know what an English Breakfast was. So we get the eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, bread, juice-the usual that we had in our other hotels. Uh, turns out, the hot stuff is the English Breakfast. The dumb Englishman was so rude (worse than the French!! I'm sure he wouldn't like that remark.) telling us he asked us if we wanted a hot breakfast. No!! So we bickered with him a bit but it didn't change anything. Me and Mandy were so mad!! Dad paid the bill and we stuffed our pockets with food even though there was a sign saying not to. Take that!!! Then, we were going back up to our room to brush our teeth and the maid was cleaning!! It was only 9 am!! So she hurried and finished and then we could go in. We also left a complaint card mostly about the rude guy, so that made me feel a little better. Sheesh!!

Just so you know, my camera was acting up (on the last day! Whew!) so I didn't get too many pictures of London. Thank goodness for my sisters' cameras!!

We started out the day riding in a double-decker bus (on top!)! It was sweet!! They really should consider those in the states! So much more room! There was lots of traffic due to lots of construction so it took a little longer, but I didn't mind! It was fun seeing everything from that high up! Anyway, we decided to do London with the Big Bus Tour company. That's also why my pictures didn't turn out very well...moving bus+rain=bad pictures. We could get off and on at any stop and ride a boat to Greenwich (pronounced Grenich). There was also a tour guide that would talk about stuff. He was really funny especially with that accent!! This whole day was actually pretty relaxing cuz we weren't walking so much-but it did rain and drizzle off and on almost the whole day, which is normal I guess. We passed the Tower of London where the crown jewels are (my mom said that it wasn't worth seeing...I really wished we would've done that), Big Ben, Parliment, Westminster Abbey (where Princess Diana's wedding and funeral were held), The London Eye (a big ferris wheel that was put in for celebrating the year 2000. It takes one hour to go all the way around.), Picadilly Circus (like Times Square) Buckingham Palace (we caught a glimpse of the trading of the guards. That was something we shouldn't have missed!!), St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, and the National Gallery (turns out, all the museums are free in London, but we were all museumed-out by that time. Bummer though.). I was a little disappointed in London in the fact that there was more modern and kinda ugly buildings. We should've gone to England first cuz Italy just keeps everything old and it pretty good shape. I guess in WWII, London got bombed pretty bad so they just tore down old buildings and put up new ones. Anyway, the bus tour also included places where famous people lived like Madonna, McJagger, where The Beatles recorded, where the Prime Minister lives (nothing special), and others that I didn't know who they were. That part was actually kind of lame. We also saw the first ever Hard Rock Cafe! The story is, the guys that started it came to London and couldn't find good food, so they started their own restaraunt and look at it now! Simply Brilliant!

We got off the bus at The Tower of London to take the boat to Greenwich. It was fun going down the English Channel seeing London from the water. We saw a thatched roof like in Snow White or Sleeping Beauty!! We get to Greenwich and it is such a cute town!! There's a university there so lots of college kids were around. We were told to just walk up to the top of a hill to go to where the Prime Meridan is. Not too hard to find. So we got to stand in 2 time zones. There was also a cool museum about time and then, it was time to eat! We actually had lasagna, salad, and a turtle brownie (it was calling our names!) and it was ALL good! So I guess my suggestion to you would be to not eat what the English would eat, but eat Italian or Asian food or something. :)
We then got back on the boat and cruised to Westminster. The Tower of London Bridge opened up right after we went under it. We walked from Westminster Abbey to Trafalgar Square. Mom said it looked way different. I pictured it as a big, open square. It's not like that anymore. There's a big monument with 4 huge lions all around it. People just sit all over it. I was a little disappointed. AND you couldn't feed the birds!! Double bummer!! Then, we walked through the main gate and walked probably a mile to get to Buckinham Palace. Next month, they're letting people in and doing tours. Darn! That would've been so neat!! We were really looking forward to seeing the meat eaters (I think that's what my mom called them...the ones with the big, black, fuzzy hats that can't move) but all we saw were bobbies! We were SO sad!!

And that was it! We caught a super-crowded double-decker back to the hotel. We had to pack and get our customs stuff ready for our flight home the next day! I was SO ready to come home and see Shawn and the girls!!

July 19 (Saturday)-Buses, trains, trams, and airplanes. I would've never thought I could've done all those types of transportations just to get to the airport. It was a little crazy but we made our flight. Watched a movie, slept, listened to the IPOD and then we were in Newark, NJ. Since we had a 5 hour layover (!) I thought we'd be able to go to Staten Island or something. We flew through customs so we could've gone, but we were sick of being lost and just hung out in the airport calling people and playing cards.

Watched a movie, slept, listened to the IPOD and then we were in Salt Lake! I was SO EXCITED to see Shawn!! We flew in a little early (the flight was early the time was 10:30) so Shawn wasn't there right away. When I saw him, I was SO happy!! (Dang! I look good! ;) He was also Mandy's only welcoming (blurry picture)! She didn't mind! Since it was so late, Brinley and Cambree were in bed (Donell came over to stay with them), but Brinley drew a picture for Mandy. She loved it.

I wanted to just give a little overview of what I thought about the cultures of each country I went to.

Italy: friendly, love to help and give directions, short, pretty, skin growths, ticks, tan and smooth skin, love to shop and into brand names, drive however they want (hazards mean they can do whatever they want, park on the sidewalk), motocycles drive on sidewalks, lots of spray paint, dress up for their evening walk

Switzerland: tall, smoke inside (yuck!), VERY nice drivers, VERY green and spread out

France: not as snobby as I thought, crazy drivers-like Italy, dirty, spray paint

England: more business oriented and busy, not so dirty, nice people (except the hotel guy), nicer drivers, they even walk on the wrong side of the side walk!

So, there you go!! The good, the bad, and the ugly! There are things I would do different and things I wouldn't. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! I learned so many new things and felt completely out of my element many times. It was absolutely wonderful!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Europe Trip-Paris

Okay, so I just finished Breaking Dawn at 3 a.m. a few nights ago! It was great and everything I could've hoped for!! Can't wait til more people read it so we can talk about it! Book Club next month will be awesome!! Now I can concentrate on things I REALLY need to do, like packing!!!
Only 1 more post after this from my trip!! I know you're excited!

July 16 (Wednesday)-We got a later start because the Opera House didn't open until 10 am. We took the Metro and walked a little bit looking at the little stands that sold stuff for dirt cheap! Mom bought some cute shoes for only 10 Euro!! I wished they had my size!!! So we get to the Opera House and think WOW!! This is so pretty!! But it was gated we walk around and see another main was closed off and it looked like they were closed to do some work inside. Bummer!! We came all this way and it was closed. Mandy suggested that we just walk around the whole thing just in case...and we walk right to the front!! Every angle of this building is beautiful!! We kept thinking we were at the front! So, we go inside and look around in the foyer. There were statues of Handel and other composers I didn't know. On the front of the building, were busts of Beethoven and Mozart, etc. It cost 10 Euros for a tour, so we decided not to...but in hindsight, I REALLY wish we would've!! This was where The Phantom of the Opera was based!! There's a lake under there!! They probably wouldn't give tours down there, but it was probably a VERY interesting one!! I'll never forgive myself!! (Oh! The drama! ;)

We then took the Metro to the Arc De Carousal (no sister does)-the largest arc in the world! It was big and cars were speeding all around in chaos!! I was glad I didn't have to drive that! There was a policewoman (who should get paid big bucks because she was risking her life every second!) trying to direct traffic. They had the people IN the roundabout yield! Very strange!! On the way to the arc, we walked down Champs Elysees-the best (and most expensive) place to shop in Paris. There was a Louis Voutton store that was HUGE and the first one ever built. The real estate there is $$$$$!!!

Then, we took the Metro (things aren't very close together here like they were in Rome) to the Notre Dame Cathedral! So Gothic! Lots of stained glass (famous Rose Window).The flying buttresses (you can see one in the picture on the right) were SO cool!! I just LOVE that architecture! And the little gargoyles are just there for drainage...except this one on the right. This little guy is the most photographed gargoyle of them all! We actually didn't have binoculars (cuz he's WAY up there) and I just knew it was on that side of the building so I took a picture. Later, I zoomed in and saw that I got him!!! Yea!! Isn't he cute?!!! The facade was COVERED with saints and little devils. The main relief was of the righteous on the right hand and the wicked on the left in chains with the devil leading them. Isn't that about right? We walked around to the back of Notre Dame, and boy was it cold!!! We weren't in Italy anymore!! I didn't bring a jacket cuz I didn't think it would be like this!! We literally chilled in the park behind the cathedral to rest and maybe have some entertainment from some young British girls. Well, they took WAY to long to set up so that never happened. Then, decided we needed some food. We found a nice restaurant. I got kind of an open faced sandwich with a sunny-side up egg on top of some meat. I decided to smash my sandwich together and eat it. Don't know if that was right, but oh well. While we were there, the floor opened up...yup! They got a delivery and opened a trap door to send the bottles of wine down to the cellar, I guess. Pretty cool. The French guy said, "If you don't finish your meal, we put you down there." Ha! Ha!

After lunch, we decided to separate. Mom & Dad went back to the hotel to get their jackets (& mine how nice!) and we (me, Mandy, & Tiff) decided to walk around to see if we could see any more churches. It was actually really nice to be off by ourselves. We didn't get into any more cathedrals since they all cost money, so we shopped!!! Sweet!!! We found some cheap (5 Euro) skirts and me and Tiff bought, and I got some killer shoes!! They weren't that cheap but SO DANG CUTE I just HAD to get them!! I don't usually do that, but we were in Paris and I wasn't coming back!! We also went into Sephora and smelled all the delicious perfume. My new fav is anyone can get that for me for Christmas if they want! ;)

So this picture is my spoils from my trip! Not too much and not too little...just enough stuff that it will get used and not thrown out. I always worry about that when I shop for souveniers. So I got: a skirt, shoes, necklace, handbag, Eiffel Tower , Double Decker bus, Venice stamped original art, puppet, and 2 masks (one in a box). I was quite proud of myself. Happy Birthday to me!!

Then, we decided we needed to head to the Louvre to meet up with Mom and Dad. It's a good thing we decided early, cuz we got lost!! We for sure thought we were on the right road and it turned into something else! How could we not locate a 2 mile long building?!!! Finally, we found it! And luckily, we found Mom & Dad amidst the HUGE crowd around the big pyramid! Whew!

We bought tickets ahead of time and get right in. The Louvre is HUGE!!! 3 different wings!! We didn't know where to start!! Luckily, we had Rick Steves to guide us along on a tour. We saw the Venus de Milo, Winged Victory, and Michelangelo's Slave sculptures, the Mona Lisa, Madonna on the Rocks, Napoleon's Coronation, etc. It's interesting that they totally let people take pictures in here. I thought these were the most famous works of art here! This video is in the room where the Mona Lisa is (sorry about the last piece of art, with the nude...I was really trying to make it so our kids could watch. Oops!! I was almost immune to it by that point, so I didn't even really think about it until it was too late!). REALLY crowded. And the painting is quite small compared to all the others, but I was already prepared for that. I heard it was an 8X10, but it was bigger than that. Probably a 16X20. I don't know what the fuss is about it, but it was fun to see it in person. What really is she thinking?

After the Louvre, we were pooped!! It was about 10 pm and we got on the Metro to head back to our hotel. I'd been a little antsy that day since I had told Shawn I would call him a day ago, but I couldn't get the calling card to work in the hotel we were in (& the hotel didn't have anymore 5Euro Internet cards!). So I wanted to find an Internet place to email him. On the street of our hotel, there was one, owned by Arabs, of course! (Mandy says they all are.) And only men in there, of course! I felt a little out-of-place...I was glad Mandy was with me (the others were outside cuz it was a SMALL little space!) So I only have to pay him 1 Euro for 15 minutes. I said I only need 5 minutes...but I was wrong!! The keyboard was all weird!!! I gave up trying to do period and capital letters. I could only stand to write him a short note of what was going on and it took me like 7 minutes. So it was a good thing they only came in 15 minute increments. So that was interesting!! We were a little bit hungry so Dad bought us kabobs to take back and share. Kabobs...yummm...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Portrait Time!!

It's time for a change of scenery on my blog posts...but just for one post!
So on top of all my trips, selling and packing the house, I've done a TON of family photo shoots!! I'm just not used to being so busy!! One REALLY big one (5 families!)! So things have just been CRAAAAZY!! I'm finally done editing all of them and decided to do just one big, massive post! All the shoots were at The Benson Grist Mill. People love that place!! It IS great!!
This first shoot was Shawn's cousin's wife's family. So kind of related, but not really. They were so crazy and super fun!! I like it when families can loosen up a little! This was my first really big shoot like this, so I was glad they were so relaxed and fun!
All the Grandkids! Whew!!
Everyone!! (And they're all looking!)

This was their idea! To sit on the old porta-potty! So cute!

The BIG family walk!

And, we fit a one-year-old shoot in too. Aren't her eyes amazing?

Then, I took pictures for my friend, Donell. She's been waiting for weeks during and after I was on my trip to get her family's pictures taken. I was so happy with how they turned out! Her boys are just too cool to smile now, but don't they look so studly?

We copied my idea from my family pictures. It's always a winner! (Thanks for the frame, Jenn!)

I did do a closer shot of Rachel, but this was my favorite.

This family shoot is Shawn's brother, Val's family. It was kind of an impromtu shoot so not many shots. The lighting was great, but it was a little breezy. We did this in a front yard of Shawn's brother, Ryan's, neighbor's house...they weren't home! Naughty! It was a nice yard, though!

And I can't for the life of me, get this picture to turn!! Blogger must not like 5X5's!

And this last shoot was fun! My long lost friend from H.S., who I found through blogging, lives in Delta. She was on her way to a family thing and stopped by so we could do some pictures!! So fun!!

More copycats from my family shoot. It's all good!! (Thanks again, Jenn, for the frame!)

Stacia hasn't changed a bit (except maybe the hairstyle!)! I can't say the same for me, though!

We also did Tate's One Year Old pictures. He was having a bad day (woke up with a goopy eye) and would hardly smile the entire time. This was the only time he smiled...but he was smilin' and laughing good!! Whata cutie!