Friday, June 13, 2008


Sunday-We went over to my parents' house for dinner with the missionaries! It's always fun to chat with the missionaries. Shawn really liked talking to the Brazilian one. During dinner, Ange & Rob and their family got there! They brought Grandma too. So it was fun chatting and catching up with them. Our kids play so good together.

Monday-Brinley's first day of swimming lessons! Hopefully she'll learn to swim!! Shawn got sick...bummer! But we all went up to the canyon for a picnic and a SMALL hike or walk down the river bed. I can't believe the creek was dry with all the rain we've been having! Cambree was screaming about the bugs, Colden is VERY slow and cautious, and shortly into the hike, Brinley had to pee! So it was a VERY short hike!
Then, we got the pool out (mostly to wash the kids off!). Kids don't seem to mind even if it's a little chilly! J.J. and Kristy came for about 2 hours just to see Angie (and dinner!). So it was nice having all the siblings there (minus Mandy who's on a mission). We had a little Family Home Evening in which Cambree sang her little heart out to "I Love to See the Temple". So great! Brinley got to spend the night at Grandmas with her cousins and I played games with everyone for a while after I took Cambree back to the house to go to bed. (I think Cambree needs a new swimsuit!)
Tuesday-What a relaxing day!! In the morning, I went to a song practice for a group of Primary girls that are singing on Enrichment night. Donell picked up Brinley for swim lessons while Cambree and I just chilled (with Daddy still sick in bed). And then, Donell said she wanted Brinley to come play with Rachel for the rest of the day! I'd hardly saw her all day! But it was such a relaxing day cuz the girls didn't fight the whole day (except in the evening at bath time!). I got to read a lot of m book club book, so it was certainly a nice day!

Wednesday-I tended Lori's baby, Nixon, all day. He's such a good baby and slept most of the day! The girls liked to hold him and Cambree even helped me give him a bath (Brinley was at Preschool). It was a good day even if I was a little rusty on my baby skillz! Brinley drew this picture of me taking care of Nixon. She's getting to be such a good, little artist!
That night when we were watching SYTYCD, Brinley came in to go potty and was acting all strange like she was sleep-walking. She just started laughing for no reason and she was just so out-of-it. She's done it maybe once before, but I don't like's a little eerie.

Thursday-We had our little neighborhood playgroup at the park. It was finally a good day! It seems like every time it's playgroup, it rains or something. Brinley got picked up from the park to go to swim lessons. Donell's been so nice to take her there all week! Tomorrow will be my first day to take her, IF Brinley's not sick! She started feeling sick this afternoon and has thrown up 3 times already...I think she has what Shawn had. She vomits so easy! Bummer! I hate having sick kids!
Friday-So Cambree threw-up 3 times last night. Yuck! She slept in the bed with us. NOT a good night! So I didn't take Brinley to swim lessons and we just stayed home all day. I finished my book and they've been good today and say they feel fine. I was going to try and go to Shawn's choir performance tonight, but then decided not to. I haven't even showered today and the kids are still in their pj's.
Saturday-I know it hasn't come yet but I know what I'm going to be doing (if I don't get sick!). I'm going to an all-day crop and we're going to make 12 layouts (that's 24 pages, people!) and I don't even have to think about it since the lady has already thought of everything for the layouts! I just have to bring snacks and paper and she's even feeding us dinner! SWEET! I'm so excited! My husband is absolutely wonderful to let me do this and be with the kids all day! (It's good for him every once-in-a-while, anyway!)

-Oh! As I was doing Brinley's hair today, I noticed she cut her bangs AGAIN!! I can't even count how many times this girl has done this!! She said it was in her face. I actually didn't do her hair yesterday cuz she was sick and see what happens! I have to have her hair pulled back all the time! It's ridiculous! I guess she looses her privilege of using the scissors AGAIN!!!


Tooele Brezoff Family said...

What a fun and busy week.
Thanks again for watching Nixon. I think he will know the whole ward before I can use my arm again..
Thanks again it really means alot to me.

Sants said...

Rachel used to sleep walk and talk and have night terrors. Extremely extremely FREAKY!!! One night she came out to our livingroom, unlocked the door (2 locks) and walked outside. It was February! She was sound asleep. After that we started moving the couch in front of the door when we went to bed.

You had a busy week!