Thursday, June 26, 2008

I {HEART} Book Club!

Last night was book club! We read "These is my Words" and we had some great conversations about it...serious and seriously silly!! Here are some quotes I got from Jen's blog (I can't believe she remembered them! And I stole your picture too, Jenn. I don't know how you find them!) that I thought were just funny! Some of them, you might just had to have been there! :)"I'm sorry, I thought that was my boot I was unlacing, not your corset." (Oh I seriously just about died with this quote! It really wasn't a saucy had to be there lol!)

"Carl is upstairs? Oh, I meant my Uncle Carl...Junior."

"That book made me want to stick a poker in my eye."

"Oh's my favorite book." LOL

"Maybe you like tragedies so much because they make your life look so happy."

"Their friendship was like Scarlett O'Hara's and Melanie's would have been like, if Scarlett was nice."

"I read that movie. I mean, I watched that book."

"I didn't read the instructions that came with the pineapple."


carrie said...

Hey Missy, thanks so much for taking the time to send me stuff. Sorry I am so slow getting back to you, this last week has been crazy with Isaac's wedding stuff. I can't figure out how to download those actions. I might need to call you and have you talk me through it. No rush, just whenever you have some time on your hands. Thanks again! P.S. I hope you have a blast on your trip, you will be missed at the reunion.

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

Ha ha Ha at least I found my own photo!!
I cant wait til next month!

Sants said...

I love my BookClub too (even if I do think too much about what I read). We read this book last year, or the year before and it was fun. I liked it. There is also a sequel out there somewhere, which I also enjoyed.

Right now we are reading Pope Joan.

esperanza said...

So what is really the premise of the book? Sounds funny!

Missy said...

The book is about a young pioneer girl who is forward thinking and goes through TONS of trials!!! It's unreal but real. Very good book! You would like it.