Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reflections of Christ

I didn't know how to embed this video, so go check out this site!

The link will take you to "Reflections of Christ" that is being shown at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center. This is a beautiful piece of work! One of the first pictures taken is of angels and the photographer took several pictures of children jumping on trampolines to capture the images he was looking for. I just love the photography in many of these pictures! So check it out! You won't be sorry you did!
Have a nice Sunday!


Brynn said...

Thanks. That's cool.

Garcia's said...

Thanks for sharing. That was beautiful!!

Mi Piace said...

It's great! Mark, that did the photography for the video did our engagement and wedding pictures. (he's married to Justin's cousin). Thanks for sharing that. I didn't know where to find the link.

Jody Hancock said...

Awesome photography! Inspires me to get better and do something good with it! Thanks for sharing.