Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mmmm...Upside Down is me??

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Spiderman

"I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?"

What Famous Movie Kiss Are You?

Seems a little kinky, but that's how I roll. ;)

blog readability test

I did this one a while ago and because I was only Elementary I was too embarrassed to post it. I thought it might change so I just did it again but it didn't! It's an accurate quiz! Maybe it's because I never spell check! Or that I don't use big words....mmm...I think my grammar's pretty good. But I guess I'm not Smarter than a 5th Grader, like Jenn is!


John & Jennifer Savage said...

That's hilarious! Well if you think my blog shows yours up, did you see the Garcia's blog? Post-grad! LoL! Sorry about missing you on the airbed. As soon as I saw it was you calling I felt so bad that I didn't even answer the phone on time. We went right up to get the gear and I sent John over! Hope you have fun camping!

Garcia's said...

Hope you guys have a fun time camping. Thanks for the dinner it was very good.

Rachel said...

I tried out my blog and it said college undergrad. Maybe they base it on your punctuation - I don't have many of these:) or these.... or something. I know your smarter than a 5th grader!

ClistyB said...

oh, the upside down kiss will get me whatever I want from the husband!!!