Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Domino's Pizza Field Trip

It's all about Brinley right now! I'd forgotten that I haven't posted about her fun Preschool Field Trip to Domino's Pizza back at the end of April! My friend babysat Cambree so I could go, since no sibs were allowed.
This is the best field trip cuz they learn all about how stuff works AND they each get to make 1/2 a pizza! And since I was there, I got to make a whole pizza and put whatever I wanted on it! SWEET! There's dinner! I was really nervous making the pizza since the lady that owns the place is one of the fastest pizza makers in the U.S.! I wanted a rolling pin but they don't have any! Mine was a little thin in the middle but not too shabby! This white contraption in this picture with Brinley and the pizza shoots this cheese all out and even on the pizza with just pushing a big button down. It's cool! So good stuff!


Brandi said...

I want to go on a field trip to Domino's. How fun.

Chrissy said...

That's a cool field trip! Did you know I use to work at a pizza place? I tried hand tossing the dough once, and it didn't turn out so well. I got put on "toppings" duty after that :)

ClistyB said...

you can do the same at Cold Stone, too!!!
at first when I saw the picture of Brinley I was thinkin' dang those are some really old school blue overalls she's wearing!! Then I realized it was the apron. duh.
she will remember that field trip forever.

Sants said...

How fun! Now that's a field trip to do - especially since it includes dinner! Super smart!

happy mom said...

okay so no sibs invited but could I have come? Patresa should pass her field trip ideas on to Julie.