Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photography Class and Busyness!

I've been taking a city sponsored Photography class for the past 4 weeks. It's been really great and now I can read my camera manual and actually know what it's really talking about! I even get to go on a field trip this Saturday! I'm excited about that one! So I've been playin' with my camera more. Jenn came over and joined me for a bit of it! It's great that she's as excited about it as I am! Although Shawn is excited about my new Photography Biz, he just doesn't show it like Jenn! Here are some samples of me working with aperture and shutter speed at not the ideal time of day and no Photoshopping! We were enjoying a picnic too!

We're more busy now...but mostly cuz of Shawn's new extra-curricular activities. They both started the same week so it was like BAM! We don't have as much time together! Which is sad, but it's good for him too. He was invited to join a city performance choir. He had lots of fun at the first practice singing some songs from when he was in Madricals in H.S. The only drawback is the practices are every Saturday night. Good-bye date nights! He also is playing softball every Tuesday for the Spring. I'm really glad he can do this so he can get his exercise and still feel good that he can still throw that ball HARD and bat better than most and he gets to play with his brother!
So, that's our life right now!


ClistyB said...

ryan's playing too?
yes, guys like getting back into their groove, don't they?.

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Those practice pics turned out pretty fun! I'm glad you're happy that I'm so nerdily excited about photography too. It's fun to be excited about it with you because you are much more patient about learning things and then explaining them to me. So I like being your apprentice! (That's the nickname I've officially given myself). Can't wait to see how your next photo shoots come out!

Garcia's said...

Pictures look great. You guys sure do have a busy schedule. You are really good taking pictures. It is amazing what you can do with a camera

Angie said...

I really like the picture of Cambree with her hair all over the place. I like that you can see each individual hair...and that she's devouring the bread.
Good to hear that you're so busy! I need an out-of-the-house hobby...I'm trying to think of one.