Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am I Martha Stewart?

I don't think so! I actually made something big the other day for dinner and it wasn't Sunday! Turkey rolls! (Don't look too close...some of them seeped out and burned, but they're still good!) I even had to make the dough from scratch...which I never do...but I did have my bread maker that I never ever use to make it for me! Why don't I use that thing more? Do any of you have one? What do you use it for mostly? Mine doesn't make very good bread so I haven't used it much. I even have a Kitchen Aid mixer which I don't use much...I was talking to Shawn about all this and I just don't like to bake or make stuff from scratch! I think it's from my mom. The other day I called her and she was making cookies! I said I was shocked and she said she didn't know what had gotten into her! So, maybe I got it from her?

I'm fine making dinner, if it's casseroles or something easy, but I never bake! Some people make bread or cookies just any time during the day...not me! I just don't have the energy! My back is aching right now from just making all those rolls! Any one else have this baking problem? What can I do to be better? Or better yet...what are some easy recipes for dinner during the week? What do people with more than 2 kids do!! I know it's going to get worse and more busy! Help me see the light!!
Apparently, this is a 20 questions post too!
And why do I even cook, when this is all they really want! Shoveling it in as fast as they can!


ClistyB said...

super duper easy.........
one package of chicken
one jar of salsa
one crock pot.
put chicken and salsa in the crock pot and turn the sucker on.
it doesnt take long to cook and will smell great. make it the first few times while you are at home so you can gauge how long it will take for your crock pot. I even do it with frozen chicken and it is great.
then you just slop it onto a tortilla with the cheese, sour cream, lettuce - whatever you like on your taco/burrito, or whatever ya wanna call it.
I HAVE to have sour cream and cheese no matter what. An avocado is great also.

Missy said...

OOO!!! Thanks, Clisty! That really does sound super-easy! And I have all those ingredients! We'll have to try it soon!

Jeremy and Jamie said...

You sound like me! Although, I like to bake, but then I have no self-control and eat the entire batch of cookies. Lucky for my husband, I've discovered Dinner by Design where you pre-make all of your meals and put them in the freezer. Otherwise, not a lot going on for dinner in the Joyal house! I don't really love to cook! There are two links on my blog with easy recipes, though if you're feeling adventurous--Becoming Betty and Simple Dinners. Good luck!!

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I love to make Ritz chicken it is super easy I will email the how too's if you would like, i do potatoes with it super yummmy, I like easy chicken dishes. The Turkey rolls look yummmy, I dont bake that much I wish I did. I guess I just dont know how or have the money to buy fun things to bake.

Angie said...

Interesting that you think you get your non-baking desires from Mom...because I feel like I get my baking desires from Mom! I remember when she used to make (and we would help) crescent rolls, home-made bread, sugar cookies (and those are a bit of work...with the rolling out, cutting, and frosting), chocolate chip cookies, home-made pizza, home-made corn dogs...etc.
I think one of my motivations to bake and cook from scratch is because it's cheaper...if you already have food storage.
Ideas for your bread maker: check out the different recipes in your bread maker we have banana bread...or use it to make pizza dough...home-made pizza is SOO much better than frozen pizzas.
Dinner idea: take Grands biscuits (the big ones). Flatten them. Then make personal pan pizzas. Each kid can put what they want on their own. Cheese, pepperoni, olives, or all of it. My kids (and hubby) love them. said...

I love to bake. I have really been into cooking/baking new recipes lately. I get a lot of recipes from Food network. Also Costco has quick dinners.

esperanza said...

I'm not Martha Stewart either, but I would actually rather bake than cook, but unfortunately my future family will not be able to live on cookies and pies and cakes alone! ;) I think your turkey rolls look yummy!

Andrea Brown said...

The dinner looks yummy. I would like the recipe. I have a bread maker, but don't use it. I also have a Kitchen Aid mixer that I only use to make cookies. Because I work, I have lots of easy recipes. I'll send them to you. I don't make cookies much (mostly because I eat them). I do a lot of crock pot dinners and freezing of stuff so that I can have a good dinner once I get home from work.

nicole said...

I love all these ideas for dinner!! THANKS!!!

Kelly said...

You should ask Jennifer for her Calzone recipe. I use to eat that at her apartment in Provo all the time! Super yummy! Something my mom use to make that I love on Sundays because it is super easy is: Tuna Melts

About 4 english muffins
2 cans tuna
miracle whip (or mayo)
and cheddar or american cheese

You cut the english muffins in half, then cover with the tuna mixture and cover with cheese. Then stick it under the broiler just until the cheese melts, and yummy my favorite Sunday meal!
Jennifer has great ideas by the way. She doesn't think she does, but her dinner ideas save me!

Sants said...

Too bad you don't live by us - we could compliment each other perfectly! I hate to cook dinner, but I LOVE to bake and do so at least twice a week!

I am excited to try your recipes!

Love, Tif

happy mom said...

I have the best recipe book in the world it's called "remedies for the I don't cook syndrome" love it, a good friend gave it to me. not that I have done all the recipes but they are good. our neighbor heather has some good recipes in the ward cook book.

and I love both of those chicken rollups as I call them and the cafe rio salad. but that cafe rio salad I only do like 1x a year, but it is good.

and I am with you my kids don't eat anything, your kids eat way better than mine.