Saturday, February 17, 2018

Christmas Activities

I like to make a short list of things to do during Christmas break or just during December and the kids get to pick one thing they want to do. Well, I got sick soon before Christmas so Christmas break was kind of a bummer. Shawn took some days off, which was nice, but we never made it to temple square for the lights.
There was a free BYU Women's Basketball game so Shawn took the kids to it...except Caden staying with me.

Santa was there, they had a coloring contest and they got on the Jumbotron. The best thing was Easton and Sadie went down to the court during half time and did the Duck Dance with a bunch of other kids. Shawn recorded it and it was adorable.

After the game, the kids made gingerbread Easton & Brinley against Team Sadie & Cambree. We watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I was sick of being sick with the flu and kind of felt ok. I thought it wouldn't hurt to sit in the car and see Christmas in Color in Provo. It was really awesome all the lights were synchronized with music you play in your car. It was pretty long and the kids had fun. I guess that was too much for me and I my fever was higher the next day. So lame! It was really weird that no one else got it. We all got flu shots but I was the only one that got it. Twice!

After that, we saw a couple houses that have great displays too.
After Christmas, I was feeling better and we went to The Grand America to see the windows. They like the scavenger hunt. They were country-themed. The kids LOVE this outing!

The gingerbread house is always a site to see!
We always have to go to the bathroom there. So fancy!

The courtyard is usually closed but not this year!
The toy store is so fun to stop in too.

On the way home, we stopped at the mall to see the Harry Potter exhibit. It was closed!! It wasn't even late! So this is Sadie looking sad.

Friday, February 16, 2018

MoTab Christmas Concert

I've never known when the tickets are available for the Christmas Tabernacle Choir Concert and have always wanted to go. Luckily, we have friends that do and they invited us!! What luck! ;)
We went to dinner at a Thai restaurant first. Love Thai food!
We kept trying to get a good selfie. Didn't happen. :)
The traffic to get in was unreal! We made it on time but I was scared for my life with Chris's driving. He was aggressive! Ha!

The performance was amazing. The stage, the dancers, the choir, the organ, the orchestra, and I’m a new fan of Sutton Foster! I didn’t know who she was but she lit up that bright stage! 
It was a little rainy/snowy on our way home but it was beautiful. Such a great night.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Nativity Weekend

As per tradition, we went to the Alpine Live Nativity. We invited Melanie and Moe and waited for them but they were getting things squared-away with their house they were buying so they told us to go without them. So we did. The weather couldn't have been better!
The animals are always a favorite.

Learning about how they make stuff in Bethlehem is fun too.
Easton didn't want to be in the picture so he took it.

Hot cocoa is always welcome even if it isn't cold.

We love the Roman soldiers!
I love everything about the Alpine Nativity. The animals, the soldiers, the wisemen, Bethlehem, hot chocolate, the French horns playing, the smiling faces, and baby Jesus. I wish the spirit we felt there accompanied us the rest of the day, but actually the rest of the night was contentious. I just laughed (well first I was disappointed) and thought about the contrast. Too bad we are human still but it was nice to get a glimpse of heaven today.
A Night in Bethlehem. Why haven’t we done this? We learned a lot about traditions and culture. We walked in and saw Ceasar. I forgot to bring cans of food but that was the tax we were supposed to pay. Oops! Then we watched a short film and they told us about the culture until the Roman soldiers came. They took us to Bethlehem.
The kids loved exploring the city of Bethlehem and trying all the things (weaving, games, breadmaking) Sadie was sad not to get to all of them. There was a beautiful song sung and then we all went to see baby Jesus. 

Angels sang. Shepherds and wiseman came to see the savior. Then, everyone knelt. It was powerful and so beautiful.

We will definitely be going next year. What a great way to start the season.