Sunday, December 10, 2017

Epic Beach Trip A.K.A Disneyland - Day 7

Our trip has come to an end. :( We cleaned up the rental (we didn't have to do much), said good-bye to the Pattersons, and took off. We wanted to go to Downtown Disney. We've never been before and some of the kids had some money to spend.
Easton and Spencer are such good friends. He was really sad to say good-bye to him.
Same with Sadie and Evelynn.
We got to Downtown Disney pretty quickly and found the Lego Store. They had really fun lego displays!

All these cool, little Lego guys made a design.

Sadie ended up buying a Lego set with her money. We went to the Disney store and Cambree found some pens to give her friends. Easton wanted everything in the store but no money. I told him that we could buy his birthday present there and got him a Lightening McQueen remote control car. Sadie was the richest one and also bought some NumNum stuffed characters.
It was time to hit the road. We made it to Las Vegas to stay with Val and Sarah and watch the BYU vs. Utah game. That's why we all wore our BYU shirts all case you didn't notice. :) Easton and Sadie played in the pool with Conrad while we watched the game.

Unfortunately, they lost. It was a sad game.
The next morning, we packed up again to come home. I totally forgot to take a picture of Easton with the travel bear...a bear from Kindergarten that they can take on trips. So we settled for this one.
Car boredom...Sadie put a princess tattoo on Caden. Haha!
Well, that was such a fun vacation! I really hope my kids will remember it and appreciate it. We had to make a lot of sacrifices to get there. It's expensive! But totally worth it...although Shawn might not agree. ;)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Epic Beach Trip A.K.A Disneyland - Day 5

We were able to work in a much-needed beach day. Disneyland takes a lot out of you so it was nice to relax. But while we were getting ready, the kids played around the house. This house was so perfect for our two families. Everyone had a bed!
We decided to go to Huntington Beach. It was a straight shot from our place. Shawn dropped us off and parked a little ways down the road so he wouldn't have to pay for parking. :)
The kids immediately ran into the water...except Cambree. She was being really weird about not getting into the water. She said she was studying the water. Haha! She would've been so bored if we actually did stay a whole week at the beach!
Caden's first time at the beach! He wasn't too fond of the water. He liked the sand and the beach toys.
The kids also loved playing with the seaweed.

Sadie tried boogie boarding and loved it! She did great too.

Study, study!

Sand-whiches at the beach
You've got to bury each other in the sand. I think Sadie is a hula girl.

And draw your name in the sand...
Shawn had fun finding sand crabs. They found lots and lots of them and then he started to feed them to the seagulls. He and the Patterson boys did that forever.

Easton was showing me some karate.

Angie and I chilled on the beach and talked. It was so nice and relaxing.

A sand angel
A butterfly seashell
Angie, Cambree and I walked to the pier. It looked closer than it was but it was nice to walk along the beach.

I wanted Cambree to climb up onto the lifeguard stand with her shirt but she wouldn't. This was the best we could do.
Caden and William played so cute together.
We cleaned up and went home. Caden fell asleep in the car. The only time the whole trip he did that. We had long days and he did SO good. He's the best two-year old!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Epic Beach Trip A.K.A Disneyland - Day 4

I was pretty excited for this day to come! None of us had ever been to California Adventure. Angie and her kids arrived late the night before so we were ready to hit the park with them. We all crammed into our van so we wouldn't have to pay as much for parking and our house wasn't far from the park.
We got on the trams and got to the park just as they were letting people in. The rope hadn't dropped yet but the plan was for Shawn and Colden to get fast passes for the Cars ride and the rest of us would get in line for Guardians of the Galaxy. Colden said he knew where the fast passes are but he didn't so it took them a little longer to get to us and by that time, we had already gotten into the building so we couldn't do the rider switch. Blah!
Waiting for the tram

I LOVED the scenery of California Adventure! So creative and I loved how it looked like you were in a big city.
Guardians of the Galaxy tower!!

So excited!!
The Collector's collection
The line was awesome! So many cool things to look at.

Easton went on it with us. He doesn't react much and looked really scared but he liked it.
While we waited for the others to do Guardians of the Galaxy, I took the kids to Bugs land and they did that while they waited for us on GG. The little Bugs movie was really fun with the special effects. Brinley, actually, really got a kick out of it.

The watermelon rained on us.
Bumper cars are always the best...but they said these ones are slow.
Entering Cars Land!! LOVED this place! It really looked like the movie!

The Cars ride was A-MAZING!!!

We beat the kids in the race!

Mater's Roundup was fun! We did that while we waited for Angie and Evelynn to do the cars ride.

We had Fast Passes for Toy Story Mania so we could all ride! This ride was SO fun!

California Screamin' had only a 5 minute wait so while the little kids rode the parasol and played in the water fountain, we all took turns riding.

Shawn and I even got to ride together

After that little break, we went to The Little Mermaid ride. It was having some issues and we were in line a little longer than we thought we'd be and then during the ride it stopped a couple of times.

Then we made our way over to Soarin'. I stayed with Caden, Cambree, Colden, Dylan, and William while the others waited in line to ride the ride and then we could do the rider switch. So I took the kids over to the little obstacle course area. Caden had the hardest time trying to walk on the rope walkways. His shoes would get stuck.
Then it was our turn to do Soarin. It was SO cool! I was really glad it was open because the app said it would be closed and I was really looking forward to riding it.

Family picture staring straight into the sun!
We found a booth where you could see which super hero you were most like.
Then we ran into Thor!
We went to the Animation studio place and tried out the Sorcerer's Workshop. They had some neat hands-on things to try.
A book that you answered questions and it told you which Disney character you were most like.

Then we went to an animation class and drew a picture of the dog that's in Nightmare Before Christmas. It was a real drawing lesson for an actual animator!

We saw the Frozen show. It was awesome with so many cool special effects.
Angie saw the Guardians of the Galaxy dance party. I can't remember where I was.
A group of the kids did ride the GG ride again.
I wanted to ride the Cars ride again and so did the kids so we waited in line to do that and hoped we'd make it out before World of Color started.
This time, their car beat ours.

Cars Land at night was so cool all lit up!

Well we made it to World of Color but didn't get a very good spot to see it even with our Fast Passes. But it was still a really great light show!

We could feel the heat from the fire all the way back to where we were standing. I'm sure the people in the front here roasting!
It was a really great day! I think I even like California Adventure better than Disneyland. It has a little more thrill rides, which I love.