Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Family History Museum

One of the things on our Summer Bucket List was to go to the Family History Museum. Brinley particularly wanted to go. We parked at City Creek and walked through Temple Square which is always so nice.
We started at the Family History Library. They gave a short tour and had some neat things in display like an original manuscript from when Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. The tour guide told us to notice that nothing is crossed out like you might do if you were coming up with something on your own. It just shows that what he translated was from God and prophets of old. They also had one of the first copies of the Book of Mormon. They had journal pages and other cool things.

We walked back through Temple Square to get to the Family History Museum.

This place was so great! My kids were asking when we could go back.
You could check out an iPad and put in your Family Tree login and check out these different stations. First, we found all the famous people we are related to.

You could put your face on a person that was from a different culture. The kids thought this was hilarious.

This is Cambree...
This is Easton. So fierce!
There was a timeline station that showed you what was going on around the world when different events in your life or your ancestor's life was happening.

There was an room where you could record things. They had prompts to help you.
There was even a play area for Caden. That was so great!
We all can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Harry Potter Carnival

I heard about a Harry Potter Carnival thing at the Riverwoods and we didn't have any plans so we went (and I wanted to prep them a little for our upcoming trip in September to Universal Studios). We arrived a little late so we hurried through some of the booths. They had wand-making, quidditch toss, a sorting hat, cast a spell fishing, bounce house, "magical creatures" on display, and a few other things. Brinley brought Aubrey and Melanie and Moe met us there a little later.
Caden hardly ever lets Easton hold his hand so I had to document it!
Quidditch Toss
His cool wand he made. I love his tongue sticking out.
They also had someone dressed up as Voldemort you could get your picture taken with him but everyone was too scared or too cool to do it. They settled for the cardboard cutouts.

The Imagine Dragons first tour bus and cutouts were also on display. I think this was a fundraiser and they were a part of starting it. Everyone wanted pictures with our favorite band!
You could even take a look inside.

Haha! Moe is nogging on a band member. ;)
We ended the evening with ice cream and dipping their feet in the water.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Another Broken Arm for Sadie

Oh boy. This girl is too rough. She's our most expensive child medically but a tough one too, thank goodness!
Shawn and I were out on a date and I get a text from my friend saying that she is sorry that Sadie is coming home a little roughed-up. I text Brinley (we were in a movie) and she says her arm hurts but she gave her ibuprofen and she went to bed. The next morning, it was super swollen and I had a feeling it was broken. She flew off her friend's brother's bike. She also got that scrape that you can see in the picture. So I took her to the doctor who thought it was broken and sent us to the hospital for x-rays.
The x-ray tech must've been new because he was doing all this weird stuff with her arm to get a good picture. She was in tears because he needed a certain picture and was trying to straighten it. But he got some good pictures and sent us home with the x-rays so that was nice.
So it was broken just above her elbow so she couldn't have a cast because it would push on her upper arm. Oh great. How are we supposed to be careful for the rest of summer? If she tripped she could hurt it again. I was nervous but if they casted it, it would be a whole upper body cast. So this was the best option.
It was hard to straighten it or bend it so her sling is a little crazy. She is wearing her old sling from when she was 2 with a broken arm here. When we went back to the doctor's office after the hospital, they were at lunch so I took Sadie to lunch and then back to the doctor.
She got a new sling that fits better. It's been a little hard especially sleeping at night but not as bad as I thought.
The next day was a friend's birthday party. It was a dog party and they all got to bring home a dog! It was so cute! Sadie wanted me to stay for a little bit because she was still nervous about her arm but after about 20 minutes, I left. It was also a swimming party but she just dipped her feet in. It's going to be a long rest of the summer not being able to swim!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fairy Forest

I've heard about the Fairy Forest and have wanted to check it out so we went on the 24th of July. What better way to celebrate the pioneers? ;)
We found the trailhead near a campsite and started walking in.
I had been keeping my eye on the river that you're supposed to cross because we've had lots of water this year and it's been really high but the reports said it was crossable. The kids were nervous but they did it.
We reached the forest! It's huge and some of it looks pretty bad and they are trying to forbid people from leaving stuff there anymore. Just come look, don't leave anything.
Before I knew about the rule to not leave anything, I bought some fairy furniture the kids painted. We set it up and took a picture and then brought it back with us.
I loved some of the rock designs.

Fairytopia was cute
Easton found a pizza rock.

The rock face was fun

This fox was a work of art!

Heading back through the river.

Caden's new pose in the car. It's adorable!
When we got home, we pulled out a few fireworks to celebrate Pioneer Day properly.

Caden was in awe!