Sunday, April 22, 2018

Disney on Ice

My parents got us tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas and it was time to go!! Shawn didn't want to go and didn't think Caden would sit through it so he stayed home. But come the day of, Brinley was swamped with homework, stress, and sickness so she opted to not come so Caden got to come anyway! He did GREAT! It kept his attention the whole time. He's a whole different kid than Easton. :)
The kids all wore some kind of disney shirt, as did I. :) Sadie's is covered up by her jacket.
Our seats were high but pretty good actually!

Not sure if this kid will ever smile for pictures!
The first half of the show was sort of an Inside Out story about Rylie and a hockey game.

The black light glowing brooms were cool!

Tangled and Flynn Rider were flying around by her hair! The whole princess part was awesome with such great ice skating.

See? Loving it!

After intermission, they did the Finding Dory story.

Toy Story...

Frozen was pretty awesome. When her castle was building, that took some good staging!
And this was the finale with all the characters in the show!

The show was awesome with some amazing lifts and stunts. Easton said it was the Disney Olympics! Disney never disappoints! We all had a great time and finished off the fun with funny faces on the drive home.

Monday, April 2, 2018

February MishMash

February was a nice break from the blah of winter. We had some fun and Valentines is always a nice break.
I love it when I see my girls show up on the ward YW Instagram account. They were doing some personal progress together.

Caden's playgroup was at McDonald's because it was Zeke's birthday. So fun for him!

It was the super bowl and we don't get the channel so I invited ourselves over to my parent's house for it. J.J.'s family came too. We had LOTS of yummy food and did a fun/hard puzzle during it. We watched it on the big screen. It was fun!

Caden dumps out stuff but he also plays with it too. He loves lining up stuff.
The girls had New Beginnings. I love seeing all the good things the YW are doing. Cambree got to go up and introduce Jordan. They also sang a pretty song at the end.
Scary, drooly boy! You can't tell but he has fake teeth in too.
Sadie and Ella made some things with those waxy, string things.
Brinley and her friends went to their first farewell together. It was to Aubrie's brother, Seth's, farewell. They went to the lunch afterward too. So grown up!
These boys are so cute sometimes.
This was Cambree's last game of the regular season. She was making so many shots! She's improved so much.

Some things on Facebook you just have to try. I wanted to see what I'd look like as a guy. I swear I look like someone I know...
And this one...I look pretty good as a movie star!
We are all getting into basketball around here! I took Cambree to a Lone Peak Girls basketball game. We also stayed for the boys game and Shawn joined us. It was fun to be in that environment again. It reminded me of my high school days.
Caden is getting into stuff all over the place! This time it was 500 q-tips all over my room!
Cambree and her friends went to see "The Greatest Showman" sing along for her friend's birthday. So fun!
More messes and this time in Easton's room.
So proud of Cambree and her friend for making it district with their science fair project. She was really hoping to go on to state but didn't. I told her it was because she didn't wear a dress or look like she cared. ;)

All the YW had a cool service activity making lunches for kids. Such a fun idea! I want to do that!
Sadie was the Star Student of the week. Her teacher said some really nice things about her. We think the same things and just love that she is making an impact at school.
Sadie and I had a date and she really wanted to go to the mall to ride the animals. I was also able to get on them and let her steer. It was pretty fun and I sure had a lot of trust in her not to throw me off! She tried every animal...I think there was 4.

Caden has turned a corner and just LOVES doing puzzles. Even 20 piece ones. He's obsessed and can spend quite a while doing them. He's so patient.

I wanted to go to Ross to look for some dresses for the girls for Easter. I didn't quite find what I was looking for but the girls had fun trying stuff on!
Sadie was dead-serious about coming home with these shoes. can barely walk in them!
Easton insisted that it was his Monkey's birthday. We had gone to a fabric store and he saw some fleece fabric that he wanted to make a blanket for Monkey. So I made it and he wrapped it and gave it to him. So cute!

There was an open house at Mountain Ridge for Cambree since she's a 7th grader next year! They had it set up to go to different places to get stamped and then she got a water bottle when she got them all. It was a great way to see the school. She wanted Brinley to come with her so we ALL had to go. Big mistake! Easton was crazy and making Caden crazy or cry. Ugh. At least they all liked trying to open Brinley's locker.