Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sadie is 8

Sadie seems to be maturing too quickly! Here's what's going on with her this past year:
-She is still super independent which can be a blessing and curse. I'm sure I've said that in year's past.
-Her medical issues this year were: a flattened finger that we thought was broken from getting squished in a hover board wheel-well, and a broken arm from riding her friend's bike and going too fast. She fell off the tramp onto her knee. It hurt her for a few days but it got better. I don't think she got sick or anything else. She's a little bit of a rough-and-tumble girl. Her hair is always a mess. She's just living life a little on the wild side!
-She's getting a little more sensitive. I remember the older girls getting like this a little bit. She will cry easily but I think it's all just preparing for those hormones coming in the next few years.
-Sadie has lots of friends and makes them easily. She's not one to invite friends over though, which I think is weird.
-She has recently started piano lessons finally!! She has known how to play Book of Mormon Stories and a few other songs for a long time. I think she will catch on quickly.
-Sadie is quite the little singer. She sings nice and loud. :) But I often get comments about how great she is in Primary to sing and knows the songs.
-She quit dance because she hated to rush home, get ready and then rush to dance. Not a great reason. So I'm a little sad about that.
-She did soccer again this year and is really going after it! Way different than last year. If she really wants something, she goes after it.
-Sadie is such a good student and loves school. Her teachers all have loved her and we just don't ever have to worry about how she's doing. She's a good little reader and has been enjoying her chapter books at night.
-She's a good little helper when she wants to be. Especially making dinner or baking.

8 is a big birthday around here! I thought about it WAY in advance because I wanted her baptism pictures to have blossoms so we did these back in April. I'm glad I did! You just can't beat those blossoms at The Capitol!
Sadie is such a bright and happy girl. We love having her in our family!

Monday, October 16, 2017

August MishMash

August went out with a bang! I love summer and am sad to see it go! Usually I'm ready for a change but this time I wasn't!
Caden was cuddling and wanted a picture with me.
Back to school shopping! Yeah, right, Cambree!!
Caden got all the balls he could find and lined them all up. Then, he sat in the middle of them. His favorite thing!
We went to Uncle Ryan's pool one last time! We invited my parents, Tiffany, and Melanie and Casey.
A pizza place as opening up right near us and they were giving out free pizza! We brought along Cambree's friend to get some. There was Batman and some other superhero there. Cambree was disappointed they were so short.

We go to my parent's house for Sunday dinners sometimes. It's so nice having them so close! Brinley and Shawn started up a game of pool.
Crazy cousins!
I donated blood again and it totally bruised AGAIN!! I don't know if I'm cut out for this.
Shawn got to tour the MTC again with a group from work. He thought this chandler was cool.
Family pictures! The kids were pretty good so we took them out for cupcakes afterward. Yum!
This cute bike gang has been riding around the neighborhood. It's so cute but I never know where Easton is! (And yes, he got busted for not wearing a helmet!)

Brinley really wanted us to go to the temple with her. I haven't done baptisms in a long time so I was looking forward to it. It was a busy day so we had to wait before even going down to get our clothes. When we got there, the lady was pretty abrupt telling us that Shawn and I couldn't do baptisms unless we had family names. Ok. I didn't know that. So then it was up to Brinley to just go. The wait was going to be so long that she didn't want to so we went back home. Then Shawn and I did intiatories. Bummer!
Sadie came on my walk with me and she thought it was pretty amazing that she could run without her arm hurting. Her legs weren't broken, just her arm. Haha! But really, her broken arm has put a damper on our summer activities. She gets really sad when we do something she loves but is limited in what she can do. It's a little rough.
Shawn got a promotion at work! Yay!! He is now the Associate Director of Financial Aid at BYU. We are all pretty excited about it so to celebrate, we took the family to dinner at Pizza Factory. They thought it was so fun! We don't go out to eat much as a family besides Pizza Pie Cafe.

They buried Caden with blankets and wanted a picture.
We all spent an afternoon cleaning out Larry's shop in the garage. It was a BIG task with LOTS of tools and lots of replicas. We set them all out so the family members can go through them and take any that they might want. The kids were pretty good helpers!
This old oil can was fun to find! It looks like one the Tin Man might've used from Wizard of Oz.
One evening, Shawn and I found ourselves without plans and with the 3 younger kids. So we took them to a fun park. Love those summer nights!
No one else besides Sadie, me, and Shawn wanted to go to the BYU women's volleyball scrimmage. It was free and fun!
We had tickets to see Brigadoon at the Scera Theater. My parents joined us for a double date. I love going to that outdoor theater. The musical was really great too!

Another Sunday dinner at my parents' house followed by a family history game of Geneopardy! It was really fun and cool how it makes a game out of your family history. I'll have to remember that for our Hancock reunion next year.
Sadie got her cast off!! It hurt REALLY bad to straighten it. The doctor said that's normal and to just work on it. He said it would be straight by evening. Well it wasn't and she still babied it for a week after. I kept telling her to work on it. Probably after two weeks, it's finally straight but not the same as her other arm. Her arms a double-jointed so now one is and one isn't. Hopefully that's normal!
Getting an x-ray to make sure it was healed wasn't fun either. She was still really scared to straighten it.
Shawn thought Cambree might be just as tall as I am. Not quite but she's quickly getting there!
Sadie's bangs have grown just enough that I think we can cut her some more to make it not look like she cut them herself. So this is the before and the after will be her baptism pictures. I realized she should probably get them cut before her baptism and luckily, Nicole was able to squeeze us in!